Webinar: How to Access Public Healthcare in Milano

Workshop for International Students

at 4:00 pm - Online Event

Learn how to access healthcare services and how to be a member of the Italian National Healthcare System.​

Discover the benefits of having a full medical coverage that includes visits to a primary doctor and emergency care, always guaranteed.

Free workshop for: all international students 

About the Workshop

 In this workshop you will:​

  • Learn how the Italian Public Healthcare works and useful numbers and tips to access care.​

  • Learn how to enroll for free or under a fee specially designed for students.​

  • Explore together the online application process and how to apply in person for special cases.​

  • participate in a Q&A session​

  • All participants will have the opportunity to do their online application in a one-to-one appointment with the One-Stop-Shop

In collaboration with ATS Milano

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