Via Montenapoleone

The living symbol of Made in Italy

Via Monte Napoleone

Via Montenapoleone…just to mention the name conjures up visions of stunning shop windows with revered designer names, front-door staff in bespoke suits, impeccable shop assistants and luxury cars ferrying smartly-dressed ladies and their pampered pooches. "Via Montenapo", as it is fondly known to the Milanese, is a place where dreaming costs nothing but buying is for a select few. Every designer yearns for a prized place in this fashion mecca but only the crème de la crème can display their creations for the approval of the Milano fashion elite.





Did you know that it is the only one-way street in the city that you drive into from the centre and exit from both ends? It seems that the street was once nicknamed Quartier Riverissi, referring to the Milanese gentlemen’s custom of tipping their hats as a gesture of respect to the sciure, ladies of the area. It’s interesting to know that the plaques displayed on the different façades are a tribute to the famous persons who resided within their walls, such as the poet Carlo Porta and composer Giuseppe Verdi. Legend has it that Verdi composed Nabucco in the former convent of San Francesco di Paola, located near the adjacent Via Manzoni. It’s also interesting to

know that it was in this street, a mecca for flashy sports cars, that King Vittorio Emanuele inaugurated the first premises of the Italian Automobile Club in 1901.

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