A series of events that nourish young talent in Milano

Many international creators have decided to be based in Milano, choosing Italy’s most dynamic city to give shape to their ideas and passions. Based people that are not in Milano soon will be, because the city offers to nurture and amplify the talents of all those who call it a home.

For this reason, the YesMilano Student Division has organized a series of initiatives devoted to nurturing the young talents that reside within the city.

Cultural Visits

Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced resident eager to dig into the heritage the city, YesMilano Cultural Visits are gateways to a gain deeper understanding of this captivating city. With each passing month, we unveil a different side of Milano culture.


Come and spend one afternoon at the magnificent Sforza's Castle with us on the 19th of March.
After a welcome meet&greet with the Director of the Castle Dr. Francesca Tasso, one of the Curators of the Castle Museums will take you for a behind-the scenes walk and discover the treasures it contains. 

The event is in English language,  free and reserved to registered YesMilano students.

In-Company Visits

Are you a student and have ambitions for your career in Milano? YesMilano's In-Company Visits program invites you to step inside renowned Milanese companies, immerse yourself in their work environments and acquire valuable insights into their operations, culture, and potential career paths.


With YesMilano In-Company Visits, you have the exclusive opportunity to step behind the scenes and gain a comprehensive understanding of how companies operate, their unique strengths and contributions to various industries and the economy as a whole. These guided tours provide valuable insights for anyone seeking to advance their careers or gain a deeper understanding of contemporary business culture.


What's next:

  • February - Fashion: @SUNNEI on 29 February 
  • March - Tourism&Hospitality
  • April - Design
  • May - Life Sciences
  • June - Manufacturing 4.0
  • July - Creative Industries
  • September - Fashion/Design
  • October - Deeptech/AI
  • November - Fintech
  • December - F&B