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Talk one-to-one with a One-Stop Shop Specialist.Our experts can assist with everything from a warm welcome to Milano to the administrative steps you need to take during your stay in Milano, to counseling on specific topics.

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We always rely on the support of all Milano's administrative and academic institutions that deal with international students (the number is significant: there are 15,000 students from abroad living and studying in Milano). 

Some of the topics we can provide assistance for: administrative procedures such as Residence and registration with the Municipality, Tax Code, Temporary Residence, and SPID releaseATM transport student pass, Public Healthcare coverage, basics on accommodation and rental leases

YesMilano Student Workshops

Join us live, either remotely or in person, in our workshop sessions that explore topics that are particularly felt among students in Milano. 

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YesMilano Student Talks and Walks

Want to discover the city and its secrets? Walk around with us in our tours and have a taste of what it is like to live Milano as a local.

Walk around the city with us and discover its places of culture, artentertainment and business.

Meet with the Milanese: artists, professionals, and Milanese personalities, exchange views and share experiences with fellow students who have been in Milano for a longer time, Our talks range from culture and creativity to jobs and employment.