Welcome, Students!

See how we are making Milano welcoming to students

The City of Milano welcomes international students and supports them during their travel to and stay in the city.

YesMilano Students One - Stop - Shop

The YesMilano One - Stop - Shop (OSS) gets you a warm welcome!


OSS tries to make the “paperwork experience” as friendly and smart as possible:

  • Supporting on administrative procedures such as registration with the municipality, tax code application, etc.;
  • Consulting on local urban transport subscription, public healthcare coverage, housing and accommodation contracts;
  • Giving information on how to live the city and activities dedicated to our international students.


You can book a one-to-one meeting with a member of the YesMilano team to get a custom:

  • Support on administrative procedures such as residence & registration with the municipality, file an application for your Tax Code, Temporary Residence and SPID release;
  • Consulting on ATM public transit student pass, public healthcare coverage, accommodation and rental leases;
  • Information on experiencing the city and how to join our activities dedicated to international students.

Book your appointment with us at yesmilano.it/one-stop-shop.


For help on administrative procedures, just drop us an email at  welcomestudents@yesmilano.it. The YesMilano Students staff will do its best to e-support you!

Workshops,Talks & Walks

Join our Workshops Talks & Walks to living Milano at its best.

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