The usual study abroad experience? Not in Milano

On the YesMilano TikTok channel we go beyond easy clichés to explain why Milano is special

On our TikTok channel, 5 young people of various nationalities studying at Milanese universities tell us about the city from the point of view of international students.

A collective narration to overcome stereotypes about the city and tell to those who intend to study in Milano, wherever they are on the planet, the unique combination of quality higher education and lifestyle Milano offers.

It starts by showing clichés that are usually in the mindset of those coming from abroad to study here and illustrates some of the experiences that make Milano special: studying in the most beautiful libraries, partying at the coolest musical events, discovering its monuments and masterpieces, cultural institutions and events, practicing sports in welcoming and modern facilities, go for fashion shopping in glamorous streets, taste cuisine from all over the world or learn traditional Milanese recipes, and a lot else besides.


It's like Milano talks about itself on TikTok to help young international talent discover the city, get to know it better and choose it as a destination for their undergraduate and graduate studies.