Milanese universities offer hundreds of scholarships that international students can apply for, to help you pay tuition fees and support you throughout your studies in our city. Scholarships are not just available to students who are academically gifted or have an A average, but are given according to a combination of condition and merit. So, no matter where you’re from or how good you are in what you’re studying, it’s worth doing some research to find the scholarship that could work for you.

What is a University Scholarship?

A scholarship comes in many shapes and forms, but it boils down to a sum of money you do not need to pay back – a form of sponsorship for your education. Typically, a scholarship covers tuition fees in whole or in part, and may grant food and accommodation services or a small stipend. The beneficiary could be required to write a specific thesis or take part in a particular project. It may also come with a contract, like doing a job assignment for your university or working for a specific organization after graduation.


There are scholarships for students coming from specific countries, studying in a specific field or for those who can show the ability to become an ambassador for their target institution.

Milano Universities Scholarships for Int’l Students

Major Milano universities offer undergraduate scholarships for bachelor degrees, and particularly postgraduate scholarships for Master’s Degrees and PhD courses.

Each university has various kinds of scholarships in addition to the ones given by the Italian government and administered by the Lombardy Region, so make sure you consider all your options.

DSU (Diritto allo Studio – Right to Study) Scholarships

International students in Milanese universities are eligible for financial aid, which is given in the form of right-to-study scholarships covering partially or totally the cost of tuition, and providing free canteen services and subsidized accommodation in university residences. Government funds are managed by the Lombardy Region and are disbursed by Universities through DSU centers that assist students. Scholarships are given to students that meet income (ISEE) and merit (academic credits) in official calls that precede the start of the academic year and can usually be made online before registration.


The following are English-language pages on DSU scholarships at the main Milanese universities:

University of Milano "La Statale"

Additional allowances and grants


Politecnico di Milano 

University Financial Aid

University of Milano - Bicocca

Fees and funding (click on Incentive Program Scholarships: application procedures)

IULM University

Scholarships for undergraduate and (2-yr) graduate programmes 



Tuition fee, scholarships and financial aid 


Brera Academy






University Scholarships

In addition to DSU funds there are scholarships offered by Universities on the basis of merit and other conditions, often sponsored by private donors.


Bocconi has the largest of such programs for BSc and MSc degrees.




University of Milano "La Statale" 

Financial support



Other scholarships



Other scholarships and facilitations



Other financial aid


Vita-Salute San Raffaele University:

Merit-based scholarships


SOS School of Sustainability

Merit-based scholarships