Milano offers the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of academic programs, study at internationally accredited universities, open up to a big community of international students, and deepen the connection with the local culture through pleasant habits, such as learning Italian and sharing an aperitivo with friends!

Programs and Subjects offered

Milano has a thriving economy and is home to some of the best universities in the world. An international student coming to Milano has the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of academic programs, ranging from art and fashion to finance, from political science to neuroscience, from biology to engineering, and a lot more.

Universities & Academies in Milano

Milano boasts >15 universities and academies accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Various centers specialize in Master’s and Post-Graduate education, while private academies and schools issue industry-specific certificates recognized in the pertinent sectors.

Milano’s universities and academies feature prominently in world rankings, including QS University Rankings comparing higher education around the world in the various disciplinary fields.

A community of international students in Milano

International students represent >10% of the total enrollments in Milano’s institutions of higher learning. The majority of foreign students come from Asia, followed by Europe, and also the Americans (11.5%) and Africans (5.9%) have vibrant student communities in Milano.

Of international students enrolled in Milano’s undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral programs, almost half of them (43.2%) pursue STEM degrees, while in the remainder health (7.8%) and art (6.6%) are significant subsets.

Studying Italian in Milano

Although universities and schools in Milano offer many undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs in English, we suggest you learn at least some Italian, in order to have a deeper connection with the culture of the locals and have better chances to get a job in Milano. Food is always a good way to get tuned with the local culture.