Here’s how to get your ATM public transportation pass.  

ATM stands for Azienda Trasporti Milanesi and is the Milano Transit Company.  
The Milanese public transportation network is composed of 5 metro lines, 20 tram lines and 160 bus and trolleybus lines.

Enjoy sustainable and affordable mobility with a monthly or annual pass!

Last updated: 21/12/2023

1. Purchase your travel card

To purchase the pass fare of your choice you need to get an electronic card that costs 10€ and is valid for 4 years.

You can purchase your electronic card either online or in person at any ATM Point office.


Online purchase

Go to, register, log in, and select the button Nuova carta. Keep your tax code handy.

Fill out the application form 

Choose how to receive your card:

  • Pick-up at the self-service printers. Just enter the data you received via e-mail and you will immediately get the card valid for travel. Self-service printers are located in the main metro stations
  • via post (ATM will deliver it to you within 10 days to any address in Milano, Monza and the provinces. ​Shipping costs 5€)

Pay by credit or debit card or PayPal.

You can buy an empty travel card, or you can already load it with a month or a one-year pass.

TIP: When making online purchases, the next calendar month becomes available for selection. For instance, if you make a purchase on November 3rd, you'll be able to select December. However, if you make a purchase after November 15th, you'll have the option to buy for January instead. Therefore, if you need to top up for the current month, it's advisable to purchase an empty card and refill it at ticket vending machines or authorized ticket resellers.


In-person purchase

Go to any ATM point office. You will need: 

  • a passport-sized photo
  • your ID

Pick up an application form Richiesta di rilascio tessera elettronica and fill it in with your personal data. Date and sign the form. Go to a counter, pay 10€, and get your card. You can ask the operator directly to top up the monthly or yearly fare.

To skip the queue, book your call number in advance through the app.

2. Recharge your ATM electronic card

When issued, the electronic card is “empty” and should be charged with your chosen travel card. You can top up your card with a monthly pass or an annual pass


  1. At automatic machines inside metro stations 
  2. At any tobacconist’s or newsstand that sells transportation tickets 
  3. Online on the ATM website or on the ATM app and then on the dedicated machine next to the metro turnstiles

3. Fares

To travel within the urban area of Milano (Mi1 zone) you can choose from these 4 options: 

  • monthly pass for under 27: € 22 (valid for unlimited journeys during the month of validity) 
  • annual pass for under 27: € 200 (valid for unlimited journeys for one year) 
  • ordinary monthly pass: € 39 (valid for unlimited journeys during the month of validity) 
  • ordinary annual pass: € 330 (valid for unlimited journeys for one year) 

An Urban Travel Card allows you to ride across the whole ATM urban transportation network (within the borders of the city), as well as the urban portion of the S suburban railway lines (Trenord and Passante Ferroviario) departing from Cadorna, Garibaldi, Porta Venezia, and other underground stations. 

Metro stations within the urban fare limits: Molino Dorino and Sesto Marelli on line M1, Cascina Gobba and Famagosta on line M2. 


Towns surrounding Milano, (e.g.San Donato, Segrate, Gessate, Rozzano, Sesto San Giovanni, Corsico, Novate Milanese, Monza) are out of the urban fare: a suburban pass must be purchased depending on the number of zones travelled (from Mi1 up to Mi9 zones). 

Go to ATM Fare System website and select Zones and fares tables from the menu to see all the travel passes available (annual or monthly passes for young people under 26; weekly, monthly or annual ordinary passes).

You can always book a slot and show up at an ATM point to choose the right pass for you with the help of an operator.

4. Validate your card

At the start of your journey and every time you change the vehicle, you should tap your card on the electronic card reader at ticket barriers in the metro stations or on board of buses and trams.

The readers can also sell tickets to credit card holders: to avoid unwanted purchases, keep separate your pass from your bank cards when tapping it!

5. What to do if your card is stolen or lost

To obtain a new card please go to an ATM Point with a valid ID. 

  • If your card is stolen, you should report it to the police and show the report at the ATM counters.
  • If you lose your card, you will need to fill in a lost card declaration form available at ATM Points and hand it to ATM staff.  

In both cases, there is a charge of 15€ for the issue of a new card.  


The ATM Milano app

Use the app to get live updates on the transportation network status, and to grab your call number for the ATM Point counters to get your pass. 

To book your call number for a new card, click on the "ATM Point" button, then choose "Ordinary services", "New card request", choose date and time slot, and confirm until you get your ticket. Show up some minutes in advance at the ATM point, skip the queue and your number will appear on the call screens at the time of the booking.

You can use the app to book a line ticket also for other operations, listed in the "type of appointment " menu, e.g. buying a replacement card in case of loss or theft.

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