Coworking in Milano

Milano Coworks Like No Other City in Italy

Milano redesigns spaces, times and ways of working after the pandemic. The idea is that working from home and co-working spaces will become central in the so-called 15-minute city pioneered by Paris, whereby all services, including public and employment services, are close to home. The buzzwords that recur in Milanese reports on coworking and smart working are polycentrism, proximity, hybridization.


Milano is the Italian capital of coworking with 119 coworking spaces active in the city in 2021. Coworking facilities in the city exhibit good coverage between the urban center, semi-center and periphery.

You can find more than 100 accredited coworking spaces on YesMilano, divided by Municipality. Some very large, others small and intimate, each with their own range of services: meeting rooms, babysitting, workout stations, and socializing spaces.