Impara l'italiano a Milano!
If you come to Milano as an international student on an English-language programme, you will find that you can find your way around quite easily without speaking Italian. But speaking the local language always makes life easier and it may help you feel more at home, get to know more locals and gain insight into Milanese culture, customs and current events.


Municipality of Milano Language Courses

The Municipality of Milano offers a wide range of language courses, including Italian courses. 

Look for "Italiano per Stranieri" on the dedicated website.

At your University / Academy

Most of the universities and academies in Milano offer Italian languages classes for their students, in addition to that, many other language schools are present in the city.

Some courses prepare you for the official Italian as a Foreign Language Certificate (there are four official certifications: CILS, CELI, CERT.IT,  PLIDA) that some universities might require you to get.

Inquire at your University/Academy International office or welcome desk

find an Italian language School in Milano

The municipality of Milano created the website It hosts a comprehensive database of Italian language courses offered in the city.

Please note: the website is no longer updated, but it is still useful to get the names of the Italian language schools. We suggest you to get in contact with the single institutes to ask for further information.

Free Italian courses at CPIA

What are CPIA? 

CPIA means Centro Provinciale per l’Istruzione degli Adulti

CPIA Milano has different branches: look them up here  

  • CPIA Via Pontano 
  • CPIA Via Heine 
  • CPIA Via Colletta 
  • CPIA Viale Zara 
  • CPIA Via Scrosati 
  • CPIA Via Satta 
  • CPIA Viale Campania 

CPIA are state schools established by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. These schools offer Italian and foreign citizens services and activities for adult education, which is considered as the driving force for the personal, cultural, social and economic growth of all citizens.   

Who can enrol in a CPIA? 

All Italian and/or foreign citizens over 16 years of age can enrol in a CPIA. Foreign citizens must have a valid residence permit.  

Which courses are offered? 

A CPIA course offer is mainly divided into three areas: 

  1. language and social integration courses for foreigners (Italian L2); 
  2. courses aimed at the acquisition of the diploma at the end of the first cycle of education (licenza media); 
  3. foreign language courses and basic computer science courses 

To see which courses are present in a CPIA school, click on Offerta Formativa. 

Who are the teachers? 

CPIA teachers are teachers from the Ministry of Education, University and Research with specific experience in adult education. 

Italian courses for foreigners: what type of certificate does the CPIA issue? 

At the end of the courses and after passing a final test, the CPIA issues a Certificate of Italian Language Competence (L2) / Attestato di competenza di lingua italiana (L2).

Conversation for improving your Italian

Tandem programs & co.

If you already speak some Italian and are looking for a fun and simple approach for improving your Italian without spending money and sitting further in a classroom, organizations such as ESN organize language exchange programs where you can pair up with local people and have informal chats. You might even make friends along the way!

ESN is one of the main international students association. Its groups in Milano Universities have Tandem one-to-one conversation programs. They have even an app for that. Get in touch with them!

ESN Bocconi Milano ESN IULM Milano ESN Milano Bicocca ESN Milano Statale ESN Politecnico Milano ESN Unicatt Milano