Neighborhoods Milano - foto Carmen Colombo


Milano is always the one because it's never the same

From one neighborhood to another for an experience of colors, styles, passions, identities - For every corner you think you know there is another to discover.

Milano is a cosmopolitan city at its heart but a multiethnic city at its periphery. Today the Milanese come from all continents: from China and the Philippines, Romania and Albania, Egypt and Tunisia, Peru and Ecuador, Eritrea and Senegal, and many more regions of the world.

Milano can be profitably divided in North, Center and South. The city first developed to the North starting in the late 19th century, which was transformed by the Second Industrial Revolution in electricity and metallurgy, and only in the late 20th century in the still largely rural Southern part of the City. As Milano completed its transition from manufacturing and heavy industry to technology and services in 1980-2000, the old industrial districts across the city were transformed by the construction of new neighborhoods and universities. Before and after EXPO 2015, the city built a whole new skyline of skyscrapers which make Milano one of the most futuristic cities in Europe today, where tradition and innovation, sustainability and solidarity live side by side.

Visitors are likely to zoom into the historic center of Milano, the beautiful and shopping-laden squares and roads between Duomo and San Babila, including the world-famous Via Montenapoleone and the Fashion Quadrangle.

Or visit the Sforza Castle or the Last Supper, and then hang out at Brera or Navigli. But outside the center, Milano hosts a wealth of neighborhoods which contain unexplored treasures and cultural riches. Either in North or South Milano, we’re sure you’ll find something that attracts you in our urban map of the city’s most interesting ‘hoods.


Get ready to discover Milano