Getting around Milano is really easy: you can walk to reach the main attractions, but if you need to cover longer distances you can use the extensive public transport network plus various types of rental vehicles and taxis. If you’re travelling by car, here you’ll find some really useful info for getting around the city.

Metro, tram and bus

The metro, tram and bus network in Milano is operated by ATM - Azienda Trasporti Milanesi.

The city is served by 5 underground lines: M1 Red, M2 Green, M3 Yellow, M4 Blue and M5 Lilac. The numerous bus and tram lines offer a not-to-be-missed opportunity to view the city from a window seat.


Get all the info on how to travel around the city by public transport, including where and how to buy tickets, access the service timetables and download the subway map.

Bike sharing

Bikes are an eco-friendly and practical means of travelling around the city. Milano offers approx. 144 kilometres of cycle paths and lanes over a completely flat area for bicycle lovers; it is not mandatory for adults to wear a helmet.


Bike Sharing is available both with fixed pick-up & drop-off bicycle stations with BIKEMI, and with free floating bicycles i.e., when the bikes can be picked up via the app and parked along the roadside where there are no reserved parking areas or restrictions. Various companies offer this service.


If you want to take your bike on the subway or on some tram lines to reach another part of the city, directions can be found on the ATM website.

Car sharing

Several companies in Milano offer car-sharing services (electric or petrol vehicles) with fixed pick-up & drop-off points, or with free-floating stations that can be booked via the app.

Instructions for recharging electric cars available in sharing services are indicated on the websites of each individual rental company that also list the authorised recharging stations or the addresses of the fixed stations with electric columns.


Parking on blue and yellow lines and entry to Area C are free of charge.

Kick scooter sharing

There are several companies in Milano that offer kick scooter sharing.


All traffic regulations in the city must be obeyed: the max permitted speed is 20 km/h, and in pedestrian areas, the speed must be limited to 6 km/h.


To rent a scooter and check out all the rules to follow, please visit the official website.

Scooter sharing

The scooter sharing service, a fleet of scooters approved for two persons with two helmets positioned in the top case, is a free-floating and keyless service: book the nearest eScooter via the app and, once you have finished your ride, leave it within the operating area. Entrance to Area C is free.


All scooters are 100% electric.


Licensed taxicabs in Milano are white and do not usually pick up passengers on the street. They can be requested by phone and online, or by going to the designated taxi ranks.

The fare is calculated on the meter, or with fixed rates for pre-established routes.


Bookings can be made with the Municipality’s Milano In Taxi app available for iOS and Android or by calling the toll-free number 027777 or through the website.


Accessible taxis for disabled passengers, identifiable by the Easy Taxi logo, are available as well as car rentals with drivers specialised in the transport of persons with special needs.

Getting around by car

Area B, Area C, Ztl (restricted circulation zone), parking spaces and car parks, electric car charging

Milano is an increasingly green city that has committed to sustainability and environmental quality policies. For this reason, those travelling by car are required to comply with certain traffic rules and restrictions: electric cars can benefit from certain concessions while more polluting vehicles can only circulate on weekends and holidays.


Check out all the information on parking, restricted areas and electric car charging.

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