Milano by car

Area B, Area C, Ztl, stops and parking spaces, charging stations for electric vehicles

Milano is an increasingly environment-friendly city, more and more careful of policies of sustainability and environmental quality. For this purpose, those who are traveling by car have to respect some restrictions and traffic rules: electric vehicles may take advantage of some facilitations whereas the most polluting vehicles can circulate only on weekends and holidays.


Area B is an area where access is forbidden for polluting vehicles and for goods vehicles measuring more than 12 meters. It corresponds to a vast part of the city of Milano and it is operating from Monday to Friday 07.30 a.m.-07.30 p.m. When allowed, access is free. New circulation restrictions in force since Oct. 1st 2023 concerning the most polluting vehicles.
Please verify here if your vehicle can enter Area B.


Area C is an area of Milano’s historic city center with access restrictions from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 07:30 p.m., delimited by gates equipped with cameras. Please verify here if your vehicle can enter Area C and if it has free or paying access. New circulation restrictions in force since Oct. 1st 2023 concerning the most polluting vehicles.

For vehicles paying for access, the ticket has to be activated by midnight on the following day of the access. There are several ways to buy access: find info here


Stop by affiliated garages: reduced ticket directly inside the garage to be activated within midnight on the same day.


The pass purchased in tobacco shops or newspaper stands must be activated by sending an sms. If your sms is not followed by an activation confirmation with this message: Ticket Area C seguito da codice PIN e nr di targa, it is necessary to phone the number + 39.0248684001 (every day, 7.30 a.m. - 00.00 a.m.) and ask an operator to activate your Area C.

  • ZTL: limited traffic zones, reserved lanes, pedestrian areas

Limited Traffic Zones - ZTL are accessible only at certain times only for specific users. Find info here.



In order to endorse the use of public transport in the city, it is possible to find many parking spaces near the underground stations in the suburbs, near bus and tram lines stops, in areas with a massive circulation of vehicles and in the villages nearby, always near an underground line station.

Such parking spaces are handled by the Milanese transport company ATM.  


In vast areas of the city you have to pay for the service, in other areas it is reserved for those who reside in the area.

- Yellow stripes: these spaces are reserved for those who reside in the area or similar and for electric vehicles, which must display a particular sign

- Blue stripes: in these areas, parking is subject to payment, according to the different zones. For electric vehicles showing a particular sign, the service is free.   


How to pay to park on the blue stripes:

- At the parking meter, using coins, debit or credit cards. In this case, you have to add the shield number.

- By SMS at the number 48444 indicating the area code of the parking space and the shield number. Service available only for mobile phones with an Italian sim card.

- V

ia some apps



- White stripes: in these areas, parking is free for cars, motorcycles and scooters.


It is also possible to park your car in one of the private garages with a cut price for Area C of € 3,00 to be activated within midnight on the same day.



Charging stations for electric vehicles are installed by electricity suppliers and network operators on streets and public parking spaces or near private areas, such as parking spaces near shops, restaurants, hotels and more.

To find out where the nearest charging stations are located some apps are available. The best known are Nextcharge  and Plugshare 

Some suppliers also have their own private app: A2A, Enel, BePower