Subway, Trams and Buses

Tram and subway are the modes of transport most utilized in the city and offer a valid alternative to cars.
Milano has four underground (subway) lines, M1 Red line, M2 Green line, M3 Yellow line and M5 Lilac line. The Passante Ferroviario underground railway line has several stops in the city and connects the city with the hinterland.

It is only four stops from Stazione Centrale (Central Station) to Piazza Duomo which are connected by the M3 yellow line, allowing you to arrive quickly and directly in the heart of the city. The M1 red line, on the other hand, makes it possible to travel to the new trade fair centre of Rho Fiera Milano from the centre of the city, without the hassle of using a car.
It is also possible to purchase a “customised” ticket according to one’s own needs, including the single trip ticket, the ten-trip carnet ticket for those using the metropolitana occasionally, and the 3-days trip ticket designed for tourists. For those that need to travel between neighbouring municipalities and the Lombard capital, tickets cost is calculated according to the distance to be travelled.


In Milano it is possible to ride the subway paying directly at the gate with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro and VPay contactless cards. Tap the card on the enabled gates on entrance and on exit. The system calculates authomatically the cheapest fare for you: e.g. if make many single travels in a day, you pay the daily fare instead of single tickets.


You can buy ATM tickets at any of the around 2.200 authorized outlets (bars, tobacconists, stationers, newspaper stands) found throughout the Milan area and on intercity routes. You can also find ticket machines in every subway station: these machines accept both coins and banknotes, credits cards and bank cards.
You can also buy tickets via the ATM official app.

Once you register in the App, you can login and purchase tickets and pay by PayPal or Credit Card:

  • Single ticket  - € 2,00
  • One day ticket - € 7,00


ATM Points
Metropolitana Duomo stop
Metropolitana Stazione Centrale stop
Metropolitana Stazione Cadorna stop
Metropolitana Loreto stop
Metropolitana Stazione Romolo stop
Metropolitana Stazione Garibaldi stop


Infoline: +39 0248 607 607 from 07:30 to 19:30


Phone: +39 0248 03 48 03
The local Radiobus service picks up passengers and drops them at any requested stop in the neighborhood. In every service area passengers will find the requested bus waiting at the Radiobus stop: alternatively, passengers can ring for a bus just before going to the bus stop or reserve in advance from 13:00 on the day that the service is required. The Radiobus service is available every day from 22:00 to 02:00.


Passengers can make use of a night-time public transport service, which operates every night with some lines, while other lines operate on the nights between Fridays and Saturdays as well as Saturdays and Sundays and in the nights before the midweek holidays. Standard ATM public transport network tickets may be used, but tickets can also be purchased from city parking meters. These will print tickets that can only be used on the surface network.
For further information call the ATM Infoline number +39 0248 607 607, accessible every day from 07:30 to 19:30.