SPID is the authentication system that allows citizens to access online services of the Italian public administration entities with a single digital identity. SPID identity consists of credentials (user name and password) that are issued to the user and that allow access to all online services.

In order to get SPID you will need to be an Italian Citizen or foreign citizen registered as resident of Italy (and Milano) and own an Italian ID.

See more on the official SPID website

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What is SPID

SPID is the authentication system that allows citizens and businesses to access online services of the Italian public administration and individuals with a unique digital identity. SPID identity consists of credentials (user name and password) that are issued to the user and that, along with other security systems such an app or token, allow access to all online services.

Spid is released via a number of companies that act as providers.

How to get the SPID

  1. Choose one of the Identity providers and register with them.
  2. Provide personal data and documents
  3. an e-mail and an Italian simcard where to get SMS are required as well as a smartphone and a specific app.
  4. Create your SPID credentials
  5. Perform recognition in-person at an appointment, or via a video call, or via digital identification.

Digital identity issuing times depend on the individual Identity Provider.

How much does it cost?

The issuing of SPID credentials by any of the authorized providers is free of charge in its basic form. 

Providers may charge for additional services or alternative ways of registering, such as remote online recognition.

Who can request SPID?

SPID can be requested by all Italian citizens - or foreign citizens resident in Italy with an italian ID. 

Where and When to get your SPID

SPID is released by several Digital Identity Providers (see the full list here)

The Chamber of commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi provides a free SPID release service, in Milano, via Meravigli 11/A by appointment. 

Get SPID at the Chamber of Commerce

Among the SPID issuers, students in Milano can get the immediate release of free SPID credentials at the Chamber of Commerce of Milano Monza Brianza Lodi, during an operator-assisted appointment.

You will need:

  • An Italian ID
  • The Italian Public Healthcare Card (not the paper version) or the Tax Code Card or your Tax Code Certificate. (If you’re going to apply with the Tax Code Certificate: the certificate shouldn’t be more than 1 year old. It also has to be endorsed by the Revenue agency with a signature and a stamp, or digital signature in form of a QR code.)
  • Your smartphone where you can receive e-mail and SMS. It’s better to have an Italian number.
  • You will need to install app MyInfocert available on all app stores

1. Book your appointment at the Chamber of Commerce.

You can book your appointment on the booking platform here.

Register with your personal details and email address (“Non hai ancora un account? REGISTRATI). You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail


Once logged in, consult the calendar and click on available days on the calendar (in white) to select one (the tab is called data) then choose the time (click on the tab called ora) of your appointment and confirm-


On the tab dati, place your name, last name, cell phone number, email and select “No” in the “Sei in possesso di firma digitale (token USB o smart card)?”.


Click on “CONFERMA” to confirm.


You will receive a confirmation with a call number and a QR code on your e-mail .


2. On your appointment

Bring the required documents (see above)

Your appointment will take place in the Salon in Via Meravigli 11/A. Arrive 10 minutes earlier and check in with your QR code.

If you can’t make it or you wish to reschedule your appointment, please contact spid@mi.camcom.it

The issuance of your SPID is free, operator assisted, and will take from 15 to 20 minutes.

The SPID provider is Infocert