Living in Milano is a greatly enriching experience, both for boosting your educational credentials, as well as a great opportunity to discover a new culture and life perspectives.


Here below some useful information to better know about the practicalities of living in Milano.

Cost of living

Food, nightlife, renting an apartment, transportation, and more, how much does it cost living in Milano for a student?

We provide you with an evaluation of the cost of living in Milano in terms of accommodation, public transportation, food and leisure. With some tips to save you money and make the most of the city!

Looking for an accommodation

The first thing you should do when coming to Milano is to find an apartment or a room to rent. We provide you with all the information, tips and recommendations about renting a place in Milano, as well as the most common types of tenancy agreements and how they work.

Getting around

Getting around in Milano is easy and cheap, if you use public transportation. Milano offers various alternatives to move around: subway, tram, bus, car sharing, bike sharing and more.

You can buy tickets at metro stations, at any “edicola” (kiosk) or “tabacchi” (stores marked with “T”).

Students and all the people under the age of 27 can purchase discounted weekly and monthly passes from ATM, Milano’s Municipal Transit Company.

Libraries, a great place to study and research

Looking for lots of resources to browse and a quiet place to work on your exams? Milano’s public libraries are the place to be. The Municipality of Milano operates a huge city-wide library system <called SBM> which is a gold mine for your thesis, paper or dissertation.

Enjoy public healthcare in Milano

The Italian National Health Service (SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) is public and tax-funded health system. It is regulated and overseen by the Ministry of Health, but is administered through Regional agencies.

In Milano, public health care is provided through Hospitals and the territorial Health Management Agency (ATS -  Agenzia di Tutela della Salute), run by the Lombardy Region.

Public health care includes a vast network of primary care doctors, pediatricians, and medical specialists that cover the whole gamut of health services.

Get to know the Erasmus Student Network a Milano Unita

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organization, whose mission is to give a voice to international exchange students, and provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

There are six independent ESN Sections in Milano, all collaborating with YesMilano in welcoming and helping international students get acquainted with the city.