The first and foremost thing you should do while coming to Milano is to find a home - or a room to rent. Here you can find all the information, tips and recommendations about renting a home in Milano, as well as the most common types of tenancy agreements and how do they work.

Contracts: Which Ones Are Ok To Sign And Which Are Not

When renting a home, check the cadastral category of it, it must be for residential purpose, no other ones.

What's Better To Ask Before Signing

Things you shouldn't be afraid to ask!

Some information can be crucial to make up your decision. 

The Landlord Rights

The landlord has some rights that you should be aware of. But they aren't unlimited.

The Tenant Rights

As landlords, tenants have rights as well. Know them in advance.

The Tenancy Agreement For Students

Students can benefit from a special temporary tenance contract especially made up for them.

The Standard Tenancy Contract - The Free Rent Contract

A widely used contract.The landlord can freely sets the price.

Taxation Upon Tenancy Contracts

Taxes must be paid, also on rents: who pays, and how?

Documents Required To Sign a Tenancy Contract

Get ready with all relevant documents at hand. Renting an apartment in Italy can require some paperwork, as owners are super careful to protect themselves as they rent their spaces out. It’s a good idea to have your agent or broker take care of it for you.

Registration Of The Tenancy Contract

Contracts must be registered at the Revenue Agency(Agenzia delle Entrate). We explain you how and what are the deadlines.

How To Pay The Rent

When paying the rent, it is advisable to get a receipt, much better, to use a traceable method of payment. 

Getting Support From a Real Estate Agency

Looking for an apartment with the help of a Real Estate Agencies might be helpful, but carefully choose one.

The Deposit

How much should be the safety deposit to give to the landlord? How does it work?

The Rental Dictionary

A list of other important terms for renting and their translation in English:

Appartamento in affitto = Apartment for rent

Contratto di affitto = Rental lease contract

Arredato = Furnished

Bilocale  = One-bedroom apartment

Due camere da letto  = Two-bedroom

Monolocale = Studio apartment

Servizi = Amenities

Utenze = Utilities