Are you planning to sign a tenancy contract? Don't be afraid to ask for these information before signing.

Ask to Read the Apartment Building Regulation

It is good to know in advance if living in a certain building is suitable for you if you have a pet.

For example, it is good to know if pets are allowed in the condominium, or if you are allowed to practice your musical instrument rehearsal.

Check the Cadastral Category of the Property

Which has to state that it is for residential purpose A.

Other purposes (ex. commercial ones) are not right for renting to live in.

Ask for the Certificate of Compliance of the Electrical and Gas Systems

Check the certificate of compliance of the electrical and gas systems, in order to avoid to discover just later any malfunction. If your landlord refuses to let you see the gas security certificate the Law states you can even sue him; the malfunction of the gas system can lead to carbon monoxide intoxication, which can lead to death.

Energy Class Certificate

You must receive a copy of "APE", which is the certificate that states the apartment energy class, so that you can also know more or less how much should you pay for the heating.

In the tenancy agreement must be also stated that you have well received it. It is even more recommended to attach it to the agreement.

The Building Common Expenses Charges

Knowing about the building common expenses charges allows you to better estimate your total renting expenses. As a tenant, you are responsible for paying common expenses, so you’d better ask the landlord the previous invoices to check that they have been paid, or it might be have to pay for them.

Ask to See the Boiler Booklet

Check the boiler booklet to make sure that it undergoes constant checks and it’s up to standards. 

Check the Electricity Bill

Ask to have a look at the electricity bill to check the power consumption of the apartment and so better estimate your expenses.

Check the Receipt of Payment of the Garbage Fee

Make sure that garbage fee has been paid by asking the landlord to check the previous year receipt.

From the moment you start renting the flat it will be your responsibility to pay the garbage fee.

Make Sure You Know the Length of Your tenancy Agreement

Make sure that the length of your tenancy agreement is suitable for you: once you signed it, you are responsible to pay for the entire period. Contracts may renew automatically at the end of their period, and there may be deadlines for terminating the rent. 

Ask for Any Rent Increase Already Planned

Ask if there is any rent increase already planned.