The tenancy agreement for students is called in Italian “contratto ad uso transitorio”: transitorio means transitory: that is to say, it is meant to be for a relatively short period.

It is a particular kind of agreement that can be signed by all university students, and its features are the same for Italians as well as foreign students, EU ort Non-EU students.


Its features and rules

The features and rules of the tenancy agreement for students are:

- the length of the tenancy can range from 6 up to 36 months (a limited period compared to the regular tenancy agreements 3+2 or 4+4)
- the parents of the student can act as guarantor for the rent payment
- the students permanent residence must be in a city different from the city they rent the flat in
- the apartment must be located in the Municipality where the student attends his/her university, or in a nearby town
- it can be signed by a single student or by a group of students
- it automatically gets extended for the same lenght of time unless the tenant doesn’t give the cancellation notice at least 1 month in advance

A regulated rent fee

About the amount of the rent: - the landlord must set the monthly rent amount according with the Local Agreements bands (based on homogeneous areas values established in the Territorial agreements)and after accurate calculations which take into account of the characteristics of the apartment and its location.


The monthly rent amount for the tenancy agreement for students must be calculated on the base of the following parameters:

  • according with the Local Agreements Tables (the standard rent ranges vary according to the area of the city in which the house is located, they are set by local agreements agreed between the tenants and the owners Associations and published by the Municipality)
  • according with other accurate calculations wich take into account of the characteristics of the apartment and its location, but always inside the fixed ranges.

A Standard Contract Template

For a the tenancy agreement for students to be valid, the contract has to follow a standard template provided by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (D.M. 16/01/2017) information that must be included in the contract are the following:

  • the personal and fiscal data of the two parties
  • the description of the apartment
  • the amount of the monthly fee and the payment method
  • the period of rent
  • the name of the University and name of the course of studies the student is attending

The contract must be registered at the Revenue Agency (Agenzia Delle Entrate) office. 

Renewal and period of the agreement

At the end of the set length period of the tenancy agreement for students, if nothing happens, the agreement automatically gets renewed once, for the same period it was stipulated for. (If the tenant doesn’t want to renew it, he/she should give written notice to the landlord  at least one month in advance). At the end of the second period, the contract is automatically terminated.


To Break your Contract Beforehand

What if you want to break the agreement before its expiration?

You can break your tenancy agreement for students contract "for serious issues" before its expiration time by giving written notice to the landlord, at least 3 months before you depart from the apartment. A registered letter (lettera raccomandata) is strongly advisable.

Since the Law states that anticipated interruptions to rent agreement by the tenant are possible justified only by serious issues - without stating precisely the nature of a “serious issue”- it is very common for the landlord to protect himself by adding in the contract a clause specifying that the period of tenancy cannot be interrupted for any kind of issue can happen at any time and -unless the leaving tenant finds another suitable substitute, he/she has to pay the rent until the expiration date.

Two cases can apply:

1) partial cancellation - just one student among the tenants wants to terminate the rent in advance.

The rest of the students living in the apartment should pay also the rent fee of the housemate who’s leaving, so, it is suggested to look for a new housemate as soon as they know it. The substitute person has to accept the already existent tenancy agreement rules and he has to be registered at the Revenue Agency / Agenzia Delle Entrate. In this case, the registration fee should be paid 50% by the leaving student and 50% by the new student.

2) total cancellation - all the students living in the apartment want to terminate the rent before the expiry of the agreement :

They find new students to get replaced, and the landlord will sign and register a new tenancy agreement with them; or, if nobody takes their place, then the students have to pay the full rent until the contract expires.