The landlords have some rights that is good to know

Visits by the landlord

The landlord is entitled to come to your apartment to fix something, or just to check the conditions of the flat.

He has the right to come, but he should first agree with you at least 24 hours in advance when he is going to be there, and choose a reasonable time to come.

In order to regulate the landlord visits to the apartment, it is recommended to have a clause in the contract stating how

many times the landlord is allowed to come and under which conditions.

Can the landlord force the tenant to move out?

YES, if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent regularly.

If within 20 days from the due date of payment the tenant does not pay the rent, the landlord can ask to terminate the agreement.

Also, if the tenant doesn’t pay the condo fees when the amount exceeds two monthly payments, the landlord has
the right to terminate the agreement.

Don’t make your Landlord unhappy

  • Choosing the tenancy contract “ad uso transitorio” the student is not allowed to sub-lease the room/apartment.
  • Don’t forget to pay your registration expenses ( imposta di bollo e imposta di registro) after the landlord has sent you the receipt of the registration (his duty). They have to be paid in equal parts both by the landlord and the tenant.
  • Every adjustment to the agreement you’d like to make, has to be agreed by the Landlord, written down and attached to the existent contract.
  • Don’t make any change or improvement to the place you live, unless you have agreed so with the landlord.
  • By signing the tenancy contract, you’ll confirm also that you have carefully inspected the apartment and so you found it suitable to live in. You commit to give it back in the same conditions you found it.
  • By signing the contract, you also confirm to observe the rules of the flat complex, moreover you cannot carry out acts or take behaviors that harm the other condos.