Declaration of Temporary Residence in Milano

for International Students

While registering in the municipality is "an obligation for all the foreigners staying more than 90 days in the city", EU citizens who plan to stay less than one year (e.g., Exchange students), have the possibility to access the Temporary Residence Registration. In collaboration with the City Registry of Milano, we decided to make this registration process easy and streamlined.


(This Declaration of Temporary residence does not transfer / affect your residence status.To transfer your residency in Milano, you will have to apply for residence with another procedure.)


Please, feel free to talk with us on a One Stop Shop appointment to understand the difference between the two procedures. We'll assist you in the process of filling in the forms.

Last update: 29.12.2023
See: schedario della popolazione temporanea in Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 30/05/1989, n. 223, art. 32

How to apply

Download the form below, fill it in, sign it and submit it by e-mail to the City Registry Office with attached:

  1. Scan of your EU ID or Passport
  2. Scan of your Tax Code certificate or card (pdf)
  3. Scan of a statement of University/Academy enrolment (pdf)
  4. As proof of health coverage: Copy of your EHIC European health insurance card, or of S1 form, or Italian Tessera Sanitaria or private insurance certificate (pdf)

Send the form and attachments to the e-mail written on the form.

After a couple of weeks you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a protocol number as a receipt.

The registration is valid for one year. 

The form

The form is divided into two parts: the first one contains your personal data and application for temporary residence.

The second one is a self-assessment that you have the means to sustain yourself, where they come from (e.g. personal assets, family assets, work income) and where they can be verified (e.g. name of your bank, name of your employer...)

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