Taking residence in Milano as Students

Workshop for International Students

at 16.30 pm - Online Event

Learn how, why, when, and where to take residence in Milano, how the process works and what the next steps are (such as getting the Italian ID card).​

Sign up to the 18/1 webinar and join us.

Free workshop for all incoming students, in particular students planning to stay in Milano for more than one year.

DownloadRead the event slides - pdf 1.3 MB

About the Workshop

In this workshop you will:​

  • Learn what the resident status is and its benefits

  • Learn what documents are required to apply for residence​

  • Learn how to apply through the dedicated online platform

  • All participants will be given the opportunity to revise and submit the application with the help of one staff member

In collaboration with the Anagrafe (City Registry)​.

The Residence Status

Taking residence in a city means settling and making this city home, no matter if only for a couple of years or for a longer period of time.​

It is an obligation for every “foreigner” to register by 3 months stay: it’s always a good idea to register and take residence at the City Registry as soon as possible.

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