Velasca Tower

The tower with braces

Velasca Tower
Piazza Velasca, 3/5

The Velasca Tower, baptized by Milano citizens as the "tower with braces", is one of the most Milano iconic skyscrapers and it proudly stands among the most imposing peaks of the city. Since it is high 106m, it winks at the Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, the most modern tower blocks of Isola, Garibaldi and City Life. Brutalist, rationalist, neoliberty. Its particular mushroom shape stems from the intention to separate the offices from the living units, located in the upper block, and from the desire to touch the sky that Milano offers in its presence. And so it also resembles a medieval tower, which contains the architectural cues of the nineteenth century and those of the century that came after its construction.


Being a cult place in Milano, the Velasca Tower was a movie set and a chatted location, described through the words of numerous writers and journalists. In Dino Risi’s The Widowed (1959), there is a famous scene, in which the actor Alberto Sordi uses the reception telephone on the ground floor. in Dino Buzzati’s novel  A love (Un Amore), the tower appears a silent background placed in the city centre, never protagonista but always present - it is easy for the architect Antonio Dorigo, the main character, to cross it during his walks. During the past Design Weeks, more than one designer has chosen to illuminate the twenty-six floors with neon lights on the outside, letting all the passers-by walk with their noses up.

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