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Cortile delle Armi - Castello Sforzesco
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Great entertainment every evening between June and September for those who’ll be spending the summer in Milano: Castello Sforzesco will host over 80 live events in the Cortile delle Armi as part of the Estate Sforzesca 2020 cultural programme, among the best festivals of summer 2020 according to Rolling Stone magazine.


48 concerts, 29 theatrical recitals and 4 dance performances are lined up, from June 21st to September 4th, for a mega post-emergency programme that will serve as a testing platform for new production procedures and ways of providing outdoor entertainment with the correct audience quota and rapport between the public and live performing artists.


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Ticket information:


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Estate Sforzesca sets the rhythm for summer music in the city

Music will be in the air to inaugurate the dances of the Estate Sforzesca summer festival: the first concert greets the arrival of summer in Milan to the rhythm of swing.

June 21st marks the first day of summer and also the European Music Festival Day, so the Castello will resonate with black swing music. The opening concert - L'età d'oro dello swing (The golden age of Swing) - will be a tribute to the great masters such as Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter and Charles Trenet. Book your ticket here.

The evening will then continue with Milano and Popular Music - Di Tempo in Tempo, a musical journey through ‘yesteryear, today and tomorrow’, a tribute to ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s pop with a nod to the future. Book your ticket here.


On Saturday 27th June there will be more new and exciting music in the air at the Castello. Classica Elettronica Fantastica is an event where classical tradition sinks into the spirit of avant-garde experimental techno: a party full of different souls who admirably influence each other spontaneously.


June 28th is one of those dates that you definitely need to put in your diary as you won’t want to miss the visual magic of Uccello di Fuoco (Fire Bird) and Petrouska. Take a seat but don’t get too comfortable; the piano will play the music of Igor Stravinsky while the spectators will become an integral part of the spectacular show.


July 5th is the TARANTA! national preview in Milano: Daniele Durante stages an abridged version (due to the coronavirus emergency) of the folk festival but will still feature many guests with great music and the best musicians from Salento from the Taranta Orchestra della Notte (Night Orchestra), the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino music ensemble and the Après la Classe ska band.


Much loved, danced and imitated by younger fans, the Korean pop music genre K-Pop has conquered the Western world. In the wake of last year’s success the K - Pop Summer Vibes II show returns with its second edition on July 12th. Live Music with Mike Lennon and lots of surprises!


The open air stage of Milano

One of the performances not to be missed on June 22nd is ‘La Molli. Divertimento alle spalle di Joyce’ (an interpretation of Joyce's ‘Ulysses’) by ATIR Teatro Ringhiera: Arianna Scommegna and director Gabriele Vacis present a new reading with Milanese stories and songs of contemporary daily life.

Not to be missed ‘Cyrano sulla luna’ (Cyrano on the moon) by MTM Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi (June 26th) and ‘Io, Vincent Van Gogh’, the theatrical show presented by the Corrado d’Elia Company, a focus on the most misunderstood, but most loved, genius ever (June 30th).


‘Games of Sforza’ is the entertaining revamp of ‘Game of Thrones’ set at the time of the Sforza dynasty, a compelling way to get to know the historical glories and sorrows of this dynasty that dominated Milano for 50 years; interpreted by OL Theatre as if it were an episode from the famous series (July 7th).


Some space also for children’s fantasy with ‘Vivi! come il mare - Pièce per due delfini’ (Live! like the sea - Pièce for two dolphins) by SpazioTertulliano, with a decidedly environmental theme (June 23rd).


New for 2020: ‘La Milanesiana’ will be hosted on July 1st at the Castello with two comedians who are much-loved by the general public: Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi.


Dancing under the stars

A gala, but also a showcase, to highlight contemporary talents that will become the artists of the future, on June 29th, with the Dance Academies Gala by Muse Solidali’s EcoTeatro.


Then on July 4th Giuseppe Scutellà’s much-anticipated Khorós with the Puntozero theatrical company of young inmates and other actors: thanks to its uniqueness and beauty the ‘dance’ presented at the opening of ‘Antigone’ at the Piccolo Teatro in January 2020 developed into an independent show.

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