Via Torino

A shopping street with art masterpieces along the way

Via Torino

Via Torino is the shopping street with something for everyone: starting from Piazza Duomo it leads directly to Piazza delle Colonne di San Lorenzo where you can conclude an exhausting but satisfying day of shopping with a Milano-style happy hour aperitif. In the past the surrounding streets were named after the important trades which were established here such as Via Orefici (Goldsmiths), Via Spadari (Swordmakers) and Via Speronari (Spurmakers). The street underwent many urban changes over the years and only took its current name in 1859. Nowadays it’s Milano’s international shopping street because it hosts all the high street brands and chains that are so popular in the majority of the European and international cities.




If you love shoes, and have a special penchant for trainers, then this is your utopia: footwear, clothing, skateboards, technical accessories, plus, backpacks and sportswear for football and basketball.

Via Torino and all its adjacent streets are crammed with sportswear shops and, mainly, with colourful American-style trainers. But it’s not all about shopping: don’t miss some cultural gems such as the small Renaissance Basilica of Santa Maria at San Satiro, the Civic Temple of San Sebastiano with its imposing cylindrical body and the Church of San Giorgio al Palazzo with masterpieces by Bernardino Luini.

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