Corso Buenos Aires

One of the longest shopping streets in Europe

Corso Buenos Aires

Corso Buenos Aires is Milano’s longest shopping thoroughfare, a high-street shopper’s paradise catering for all budgets. Reminiscent of one of the major US shopping boulevards, it is one of the lengthiest retail avenues in Europe.

Department stores, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, bookstores, plus, of course, an enticing array of popular clothing brands. Corso Buenos Aires has something for everyone which is why it is often called an open-air shopping mall.





How did Corso Buenos Aires get its name? Due to the vicinity of a sanctuary dedicated to Santa Maria di Loreto it was formerly named Corso Loreto but on the occasion of the 1906 Universal Expo - when the municipality decided to bequeath the city with a more international image and to pay homage to Argentina and Peru, the first two countries to join the Expo event - the two piazzas along this long street were named Piazza Argentina and Piazza Lima!

Public transport

Public transport:


line M1 red Loreto, Lima and Porta Venezia stops

line M2 green Loreto stop

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