Pirelli Skyscraper

The building with a second Madonnina on the top

Pirelli Skyscraper
via Fabio Filzi, 22

The Pirelli skyscraper, an example of modernist architecture, was built by Giò Ponti in the 60s. Always renamed Pirellone, it has been acquired by Lombardy Region since 1978.

Its shape is curiously polygonal. The building sinks in Milano sky up to touch the 127 meters of height….Yes, the skyscraper is taller than the Duomo! The tradition forbade that there were taller buildings than the cathedral, but, with the Madonnina on top, the high-rise exceeds the Duomo by about 20 meters.

The Region Council occupies the skyscrapers offices, at the entrance, on the ground floor, the Auditorium Giorgio Gaber often hosts classical music events.

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