If you want to connect with agritourism and you love the idea of leisurely lunches, made with seasonal ingredients, in a farmyard setting or in a rural cascina, then don’t miss out on the numerous farmhouses in Milan and its outskirts that serve traditional recipes. Highest quality zero-miles produce to be savoured in an atmosphere of peaceful bucolic bliss. Let’s see what’s on offer…


Cascina Cuccagna

Cascina Cuccagna in Porta Romana is one of the most famous (and popular) farmhouses right in the heart of Milan; it’s a wonderful place for socialisation in the city.

An abandoned eighteenth-century farmhouse that has been renovated for citizen’s public use and, in addition to a restaurant, it hosts a weekly Farmers’ market selling local produce. The evocative courtyard and interior spaces also host a guesthouse, perfect for welcoming your visiting friends, a charming florist shop and a creative cooking workshop.

The eatery serves traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary touch, made with fresh, seasonal, high-quality and, whenever possible, organic raw materials.


Cascina Torrette - Mare culturale urbano

Mare culturale urbano, in the vicinity of the San Siro stadium, is an authentic cultural community hub, great for those summer evenings outdoors. The 17th century building has been transformed into a welcoming space with a strong artistic vibe and social vocation: the farmhouse has forsaken its original agricultural function and acquired a vibrant new identity.

Drinks & dining here means ‘feeling at home’ yet, at the same time, supporting social and cultural projects.

If you’re in the mood for arthouse cinema, concerts and DJ sets, aperitifs, craft beers, genuine traditional Mediterranean cuisine featuring seasonal products, artisan bread and pasta made in the farmhouse and delicious Neapolitan pizzas then look no further!



Cascina Gaggioli (Milano sud)

Cascina Gaggioli has a typical farmstead layout with a square courtyard which hosts a small agricultural business cultivating certified organic rice, corn, wheat and other cereals all of which can be purchased in the farm shop along with the cascina’s pedigree home-bred beef.

The farmhouse is located in the Parco Agricolo Sud, in the Via dei Missaglia area, and is the perfect place for barbeque lovers.

The cascina supplies dining tables and barbeques to customers upon reservation.

The farm shop is open on the weekends selling meats, cheeses and organic vegetables that you can prepare yourself for your very own BBQ. Cutlery, glasses and all condiments are also provided.

La Rampina

Heading south from the city, 20 minutes out of Milan, you’ll find La Rampina, a well-known farmhouse whose restaurant vaunts a sixteenth-century heritage restaurant.

It is a treasured location, much appreciated both for business meetings and for celebrating weddings and family anniversaries, in a countrified setting. The chefs - Luca Gagliardi and his father Lino - are at the helm of the kitchen serving a well-balanced culinary menu of Milanese, Lombard and regional traditions with a contemporary elegant twist.

Cascina Martesana

Immersed in the greenery of Parco della Martesana, north of Milan  and overlooking the banks of the Naviglio, Cascina Martesana has become a very popular meeting place for culture, socialization and food in this city area, now increasingly identified as NoLo (north of Piazza Loreto).

Sharing boards prepared ad hoc are always available, or - if you have a membership card - you can get hands-on with a barbecue by booking a table and using one of the six chargrills available for guests.

Cascina S. Ambrogio

This farmhouse is also located south of Milan, a few kilometres past Gaggiano and if you feel like spending a pleasant Sunday detached from the urban stress of the working week, surrounded by animals and immersed in greenery, this is the perfect place for you.

Winner of an episode of Alessandro Borghese’s popular "4 Restaurants" TV programme, this farmhouse specialises in simple authentic food.


Cascina Guzzafame

The cascina Guzzafame is a farm that has been dedicated to the organic cultivation of wheat and flour, vegetable production and dairy cow breeding for over 30 years.

The large farmstead is very active as it organizes a variety of activities for adults and children comprising a didactic farm, yoga lessons and therapeutic pet therapy sessions with donkeys.

The large country restaurant has an elegant rustic style and classic Lombard tradition dishes are all lovingly cooked with 100% self-produced ingredients that are also on sale in the farm shop.


Cascina Selva

Set in the Parco del Ticino at Ozzero, the cascina is a few kilometres from Vigevano and Abbiategrasso and very close to Morimondo with its evocative historical abbey. The farmhouse specialises in milk production which is partially processed in the in-house dairy. The characteristic restaurant serves its own farm products - milk, cheeses, cereals, eggs, meat and vegetables - transformed into wonderfully tasty dishes. Guests can opt for lunch in the old renovated barn (90 seats) or on the veranda (40 seats).

Cascina Pietrasanta

At 25 km from Milan, Cascina Pietrasanta is the perfect farmhouse for spending a few days of pure relaxation outdoors, enjoying local products in a beautifully evocative and peaceful environment immersed in the Ticino valley.

The characteristically rustic interiors are available for hosting ceremonies, business meetings and parties. The farmhouse kitchen offers a wide range of typical products from the Ticino valley and a vast selection of raw materials.

Amongst the specialties on offer are top-quality meats and sausages produced within the cooperative which are also sold direct to the public in the farm shop. The interior of the main courtyard is a large green space fully-equipped with games for children.


Cascina Bullona

Not just a farmhouse… Cascina Bullona also has a shop selling Parco del Ticino branded products, plus, a Bed&Breakfast service and venues for weddings and ceremonies.

The cascina also organises guided tours for schools and the general public to reconnect visitors with the wonders of nature, all just a stone's throw away from Milan!