Milan’s Central Station is the gateway to the city for travellers and commuters alike, a real "Cathedral of Movement" at the foot of the Pirelli skyscraper.

It is well worth a visit for its predominantly Deco architecture alone, not to mention the monumental Galleria delle Carrozze and the bustling Galleria di Testa public concourse, plus the commemorative areas such as the Royal Pavilion and the Shoah Memorial.

Whether you are leaving or entering the city, you might want to check out the wide range of shops and temporary stores for food or shopping, perhaps in the new Mercato Centrale, or maybe you would prefer to take a bike and pedal along the Naviglio Martesana.

The Pirelli skyscraper and the city skyline

The face of Milan is constantly changing, and two things immediately strike those arriving in Piazza Duca d'Aosta: the imposing Central Station edifice and the impressive urban skyline with the iconic symbols of Milanese architecture, the Pirelli skyscraper, the Torre Breda in Piazza della Repubblica and the new Unicredit Tower in Piazza Gae Aulenti, one of the recent buildings that has most redefined the city's skyline. Milan is the main Italian city to have developed vertically through the construction of new and spectacular high-rise buildings.


Visit the "Cathedral of Movement"

Second largest in Italy and one of the major stations in Europe, the Centrale is not only the nerve centre for national and international travel but also an emblem of the driving force of a city in constant transformation, in search of innovative challenges and new trends, always prioritising quality.

The Central Station is not only a symbol of city life but also a building of extraordinary architectural and historical interest, it is well worth planning a visit to discover places unknown to most of the travellers passing through, or to be tempted by the flavours on offer in the numerous shops and restaurants in the contemporary Mercato Centrale food court.

Take a bike ride along the Martesana cycle path

You can pick up a bike at Milan Central Station and set off for a trip along the Martesana cycle path.

One of the countryside itineraries most loved by the Milanese is pedalling along the canal that connects Milan with the river Adda.

The 30k Naviglio Martesana cycle path starts from Via Melchiorre Gioia, or to be more precise, at Cassina de 'Pomm.

Discover the glimpses of Spring

Even near Palazzo Lombardia or Via Melchiorre Gioia you can enjoy the colors and scents of spring.

Explore the Central Station district

How to get there, what to see: discover the neighbourhood life.

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