A journey of discovery in a city cannot be complete without exploring its excellences, the food and shops that have made its history.

Check out our suggestions for an impeccable itinerary to acquaint you with taste of Milan and to tempt you to take a piece of it away with you.


The history of Peck, the legendary food and fine wine destination for gourmands from all over the world, began in 1883.

The enterprising charcuterie expert, Prague-born Francesco Peck, chose Milan as the perfect location for opening a German-style shop of cured and smoked meats with the aim of making it the most prestigious delicatessen in the city.

No sooner said than done… Peck rapidly achieved its goal and became one of the veritable temples of gastronomy in Milan.

Subsequent to its enlargement and refurbishment in 1890, Peck was awarded a Royal Warrant becoming an official supplier to the Court, thus, ensuring a devoted prestigious clientele all over Italy.

Today the alluring Peck counters offer gastronomy, meats, cheeses, charcuterie, bakery, pastry, plus, last but not least, a very impressive wine cellar.


Since 1911 the Galli pastry shop and chocolatier in Milan has been producing its own handmade candied chestnuts, Boeri chocolate-covered cherries, marron glacés, chocolate pralines and almond paste, much to the delight of all its customers. Traditional products are accompanied by the seasonal production of panettone for Christmas, veneziane sweet buns and Easter eggs. The product range and processes have remained unchanged over time, as they have been handed down by the founder, Giovanni Galli, to family members for four generations.

The production is made almost entirely made by hand with high-quality raw materials, all made from natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives.


Venchi’s history dates as far back as 1800 when Silviano Venchi's passion for chocolate led him to create chocolates in his shop in Turin. This rapidly became the most elegant chocolate shop in Piedmont, much appreciated for the extraordinary quality of the ingredients and for Venchi’s creative skills; indeed he was soon awarded the honour of “Supplier to the Regal Court”.

The company was officially created in 1878, the year in which Venchi launched its delectable Giandujotto 1878 chocolate, with a minimum 32% of Piedmont IGP hazelnuts.

Upon arriving in Milan, Venchi became one of the most famous and popular brands for discerning customers with a sweet tooth.



To narrate Pasticceria Cova’s history of excellence we need to step back in time to 1817 when it was established as a Literary Café and immediately stood out for its splendid interiors, rooms that dazzled with mirrors, a long counter for the cafeteria and exquisite crystal chandeliers.

It became a meeting place for bourgeois, nobles and intellectuals but also for patriots impassioned by anti-Austrian fervour.

Amongst the habitués was maestro Giuseppe Verdi who loved to sit at his favourite table to sip tea and make conversation.

Destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War, in 1950 Pasticceria Cova moved premises to via Montenapoleone, directly on the crossroads with via Sant'Andrea.

Style, top-class service, atmosphere, expertise and delectable pastries created by master chefs all add up to the charm of this iconic venue.


As the name implies, the Eataly brand - a fusion of EAT and ITALY- is synonymous with Italian eating and embraces a group of small companies from the various food and wine sectors.

Since its inauguration, with a store in Turin in 2007, it has always offered the best of artisan locally-sourced products at reasonable prices, thanks to the creation of a direct relationship between producer and distributor.

Eataly's first objective is to demonstrate how high-quality products can be available to everyone and at sustainable prices but also to communicate the people, production methods and history of the companies that make up the best of Italian food and wine.



More than a place just to eat and shop, the vibrant mercato is open from 7:00 am until midnight with a range of food choices that span from the most famous recipes of Florentine cuisine to the flavours of Joe Bastianich's American barbecue. 


Located to the left of Central Station, this 4500 sqm upscale food court is spread over two floors with 200 sqm of outside space hosting 32 gastro stores, restaurants and bars.


The walls of each bottega are creatively decorated with portraits of the food market artisans, who each offer their specialities for dedicated food lovers and those keen to try new tastes.


A special dinner at home or at a friend’s house, an occasion that deserves to be celebrated with a special dish paired with the right wine? Choose from the mercato store menus and, in a single order, you’ll receive a delivery of delicious fresh products and a special selection of wines ready to serve wherever you might want.