Every year the Michelin Guide selects a small number of restaurants to which the much-coveted and famous stars are assigned, as a mark of recognition and a seal of quality.

The 2023 Guide has awarded 16 outstanding restaurants in Milan: 13 with 1 star, 4 with 2 stars and 1 restaurant with 3 stars.

The stars are assigned according to 5 criteria:

  1. quality of raw materials
  2. originality and personality of the chef emerging from the dishes on offer
  3. mastery of cooking techniques and mix of flavours
  4. value for money
  5. continuity over time


For a tasteful experience you will never forget, here is a list of Milano’s starred restaurants.

Enrico Bartolini al Mudec - 3 STARS

Twenty-six years after Gualtiero Marchesi was first awarded 3 STARS, Enrico Bartolini honours the city of Milan by entering the coveted three-star echelon. The talented chef’s ‘BE Contemporary Classic’ motto endeavours to blend tradition in a contemporary key. The fundamentals upon which innovation and culinary research rests is complemented with endless experimentation. His restaurant offers a modern and sophisticated menu that encompasses the flavours of good food with incredibly well-curated dishes that resemble genuine works of art such as the unmissable ‘Oil and lime buttons with cacciucco and octopus sauce’.


Address: Mudec - Museo delle Culture, Via Tortona, 56

Telephone: +39 02 8429 3701

Email: info@enricobartolini.net - ristorante@enricobartolini.net

Andrea Aprea - 2 STARS

Located on the top floor of the Luigi Rovati Foundation - in a magnificent historic building that houses the Foundation's Art Museum - the restaurant brings together all the values of the gastronomic experience that Chef Aprea has defined in a twenty-year research path between tradition and modernity.


Andrea Aprea's cuisine is based on the fusion in a single trait of personal and popular memories with gastronomic literature and the masters who preceded him.


The root of the gastronomic experience begins in the choice of ingredients to be used. In them resides the knowledge of local territories and cultures.


Indirizzo: Corso Venezia 52 - at Fondazione Luigi Rovati

Telefono: +39 02 38273030

Email: info@andreaaprea.com


The aim of Oldani's charming restaurant - overlooking a small piazza with an elm tree and a seventeenth-century church - is to nurture its guests in the best possible way, ensuring that they feel welcomed, cared for and well-fed so that when they leave the restaurant, blissfully contented, they are already planning to return.


Address: Piazza Della Chiesa, 14 - 20007 San Pietro All'olmo - Cornaredo - Milano

Telephone: +39 02 9362209

Email: prenotazioni@cucinapop.do

Verso Capitaneo - 2 STARS

A four-hands menu by two brothers who have created a restaurant in Piazza Duomo without any barrier between the dining room and the kitchen.

The chefs blend traditional Apulian techniques, and flavours from their origins or gathered nationally and globally, with creativity.


According to the Michelin guide ‘the blue lobster with yellow courgettes and the house signature dish, a rose of red beetroot petals and caviar, is intriguing... one of their most Instagrammed specialties!’


Address: Piazza Duomo 21, 20121, Milano

Telephone: +39 02 8975 0929

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Seta by Antonio Guida - 2 STARS

Chef Antonio Guida loves to blend authentic flavours to create a harmonious combination showcasing his great experience and personality.


Raspberry risotto and herb cream, porcini mushrooms with vegetable jus, buffalo mozzarella with capers and ‘stuffed partridge’ with prunes and onion cream, are the main dishes of a menu that is an explosion of colours, elegance and class.


Address: Via Monte di Pietà, 18

Telephone: +39 02 8731 8897

Email: momln-setarestaurant@mohg.com


The trendy restaurant is located on the first floor of the Torre Solaria, in the Porta Nuova district, a symbol of contemporary Milan. Under the expert command of chef Takeshi Iwai, the AALTO (part of IYO group) Asian/ European ‘boundless’ cuisine expresses a multitude of tastes and cultures. Amongst the specialties ‘Ravioli del plin’ with Bra sausage, Sakura flowers and dashi buttermilk, ‘Monkfish, tarragon and parmesan’ and ‘Puff pastry with chocolate and smoked milk ice cream’.


    Indirizzo: Piazza Alvar Aalto / Viale della Liberazione 15

    Telefono: +39 02 250 62 888

    Email: info@aalto-restaurant.com  booking@aalto-restaurant.com

    Anima - 1 STAR

    The most starred chef in Italy - Enrico Bartolini - opens the doors of his new restaurant on the ground floor of the prestigious Milano Verticale hotel in the Corso Como area.


    The elegance and design of the spaces represent a fascinating contrast for a cuisine that makes "Milanesiness" its strong point, attentive to the seasonality of vegetables and fruit, but also fish and some types of meat.


    Bartolini has entrusted this project to the promising chef Michele Cobuzzi while the sommelier Giacomo Morlacchi manages the exposed cellar. The wine list offers a selection of Italian and foreign labels with great personalities.


    Indirizzo: Via Rosales, 4 

    Telefono:  02.622.78.500

    Email: prenotazioni@ristoranteanima.com

    Berton - 1 STAR

    Design is transformed into food, thanks to chef Andrea Berton who puts precision and cleanliness into every dish, taking care to position each item scrupulously and creatively at the same time. The Tutto Brodo (All broth) menu is a real surprise... to be discovered! 

    Inaugurated in December 2013, Berton is a modern, linear and essential restaurant. This shows in the menu’s suggestions, where flavours are always easily recognizable. The dining hall is elegant and rigorous and is separated from the kitchen by a glass wall, making it possible to discreetly follow the moves of the crew led by the chef.


    Address: Via Mike Bongiorno, 13

    Telephone: +39 02 67075801

    Email: info@ristoranteberton.com

    Contraste - 1 STAR

    Utterly out of the ordinary, Contraste spearheads creative cuisine by offering the customer an ‘unexpected’ experience, from the warm welcome to the much-anticipated tasting. The stunning dishes are not simply innovative, they deny innovation itself; the experimentation with textures, shapes and flavours goes way beyond the very concept of the unusual. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu are ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Cotechino, lentils and hazelnuts’, and ‘Bolognese doughnuts’: aesthetically and visually provocative, the recipes showcase the drive to reinvent food, aiming for a ‘contrast’ between the idea of ​​the dish and the way in which it is presented. 

    Address: Via Giuseppe Meda, 2

    Telephone: +39 02 49536597

    Email: info@contrastemilano.it

    Cracco in Galleria - 1 STAR

    A chef who certainly needs no introduction: Carlo Cracco is very popular and loved by everyone, not only for his culinary skills but for his personality as well. Determined and never banal he is always ready to have his say.


    The restaurant inside qualifies as an authentic example of aesthetic beauty, while the menu combines past and future while always keeping in mind its first goal: surprise the customer.


    Don't miss the Eggs section of the menu, the chef's flagship.


    Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

    Telephone: +39 02 876774

    Email: info@ristorantecracco.it

    Felix Lo Basso home & restaurant - 1 STAR

    This charming restaurant is conceived as a house: you enter through the living room to get to the large kitchen.

    Beyond the private dining spaces, the main room has an elegant and convivial counter (where you may be seated next to other customers) facing the chefs at work, run by chef Felice who cooks and entertains the guests. The lengthy tasting menu in 12 ‘acts’ changes regularly depending on season’s fare and the Chef’s inspiration.

    Fixed price and set dinner time for all diners, subject to availability, booking required.

    Although creative and sometimes quite elaborate, the Lo Basso dishes are often original reinterpretations of recipes and ingredients from Puglia, the chef’s region of origin.

    Horto - 1 STAR

    The South Tyrolean chef Norbert Niederkofler has opened a restaurant in the centre of Milano serving high-quality cuisine set on a panoramic terrace with a view that spans from the spires of the Duomo to the Castello Sforzesco.


    He offers two tasting menus inspired by the organic seasonal produce sourced from the 'Lombard kitchen gardens'. His local suppliers are the farms, dairies and farmers that are no less than an hour away from his restaurant.


    Address: via San Protaso 5, Milano

    Telephone:+39 02 3651 7496

    Email: reservation@hortorestaurant.com

    IYO Taste Experience - 1 STAR

    Opened in Milan in 2007, IYO Taste Experience is a Japanese restaurant with a strong international identity. The cuisine of the Rising Sun is the starting point, but it is permeated by Western ideas and techniques, merging Eastern precision and European creativity.  Amongst the standout symbolic dishes: ‘Ika somen’, a squid sashimi that resembles noodles, ‘Suzuki e Karasumi’, Seabass and Mazara del Vallo red shrimp roll, mullet botargo, daikon and yuzu soy sauce and ‘Taiko’, a seared shrimp millefeuille with red shrimp, yuzu kosho mayonnaise, squid, yuzu miso sauce and tomato.

    Address: Via Piero Della Francesca, 74

    Telephone: +39 02 454 76 898

    Email: info@iyo.it

    Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia - 1 STAR

    Passion for to food, excellent raw materials and a bend of tradition and innovation are the fundamental ingredients that inspire Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, where creativity, elegance and simplicity come together in a elite menu of high visual and gustatory impact. The real stars of the ‘Homage to Milan’ menu are the tortelli stuffed with Fassona ossobuco and marrow in its jus with Sardinian saffron and parmesan cheese.


    The restaurant has undergone an aesthetic renovation with an additional area named the Theatrum of flavours, designed to host meetings and master classes for tastings of authentic local flavours for all those who wishes to approach the world of haute cuisine.


    Address: Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli, 6

    Telephone: +39 02 416886

    Email: info@aimoenadia.com

    Joia - 1 STAR

    Joia was the first European vegetarian restaurant to be honoured with the prestigious Michelin award. Vibrant dishes and a cooking concept based on respect for nature and on the idea of food as a fundamental prerogative of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of each individual.

    Healthy and natural ingredients form the basis of the vegetarian dishes that encapsulate Pietro Leemann’s all-green philosophy, as demonstrated by one of the highlights of the menu entitled ‘Il volto della natura’ (The Face of Nature).

    The recipe for his iconic ‘uovo apparente’ (apparent egg), the 100% vegetarian starred egg has conquered the world.


    Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18

    Telephone: +39 02 29522124

    Email: joia@joia.it

    L'Alchimia - 1 STAR

    As the name suggests the new starred restaurant in Milan is aiming for: alchemy. Real, genuine alchemy made up of people, the atmosphere and good food. An elegant and inviting venue, both intimate and comfortable, serving creative upscale dishes such as ‘soft egg, artichokes, potato vichyssoise, Parmigiano Reggiano mousse’ and ‘Alchemy braised beef cheek, whipped mashed potatoes with baby spinach’ and a lounge bar with sublime cocktails make Alchimia a first-rate restaurant on the city panorama.

    Indirizzo: Viale Premuda, 34

    Telefono: +39 02 82870704

    Email: info@ristorantelalchimia.com

    Sadler - 1 STAR

    ‘Modern cuisine in evolution’ is the definition that best describes Claudio Sadler's philosophy, a delicate balance between Italian culinary traditions and innovation enhanced by creativity and artistic sensitivity. All this is fully reflected in Sadler’s décor and menu characterised by taste, lightness and elegance; standout dishes are the Spezzatino di astice (lobster stew), Crudo di pesce (raw fish dish), the Padellata di crostacei, (pan-fried shellfish) and the Paris-brest with marron glacè.


    Address: Via Ascanio Sforza, 77

    Telephone: +39 02 58104451

    Email: sadler@sadler.it

    Viva Viviana Varese - 1 STAR

    Chef Viviana Varese has created a new restaurant this is fresh, innovative, joyful and, above all, colourful. A venue that perfectly embodies all her personality and charisma, serving high-level dishes that are exquisitely tasty and beautifully presented. Amongst the many delights on offer some of the standout dishes are ‘Insuperabile’, a super spaghetti dish with smoked broth, squid, clams and tarallo crumb, and ‘La perfezione non esiste’ (Perfection doesn’t exist), meringue shell with zabaglione foam, cocoa and coffee sorbet, Noto almonds and Timut pepper.


    Address: Piazza 25 Aprile, 10

    Telephone: +39 02 4949 7340