Welcome into one of the World’s coolest districts.


Elegant, with its Art Nouveau buildings and its charming boutiques.


Laid-back, with its museums embraced by romantic parks.


Proud of its cultural diversity and LGBTQ+friendly.


The Porta Venezia district welcomes you through its residents and guides you through beauty and entertainment. It can be cool without losing any of its genuineness.

Porta Venezia is FUSION

Porta Venezia is inter-ethnic, both for residents and for those making the most of it at any time in daytime or night time. Here, authentic foodie experiences from diverse Indian and Chinese cuisines coexist with the scents of north-African spices. Here, food from all over the world joins flavours from the Italian tradition and way of life in exuberant variety, as you sit at a table or celebrate the aperitivo. Milano’s first Japanese restaurant was born at the quarter’s edge, just as a bit further a historic bar started serving the first Negroni “sbagliati”, which have since become famous the world over.

Porta Venezia is RAINBOW

The rainbow greets you from the underground station. Porta Venezia is open and inclusive all year, not only on the days the International Gay Pride colours its streets with its parade of many hues. In via Lecco and its surroundings you will find both the LGBTQ+’s historical locations and recently opened venues, with new creative proposals: cafés, aperitivo, nightlife.

Porta Venezia is ART

History has never been this captivating. The details in the Art Nouveau buildings are a source of continuous wonder. Romantic Villa Reale seduces you with its nineteenth century paintings. Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano and Villa Necchi Campiglio are a journey in time, between art and design. And in the elegant cafés and antique shops, you will often find the same vintage taste displayed in the ubiquitous Neo-classical and Art Nouveau buildings.

Porta Venezia is SHOPPING

Shopping here will take you back in time as well: you will lose yourself in the quarter’s narrow streets, on the hunt for vintage or eco-chic accessories. A small world of fashion made up of precious super-trendy small shops cohabiting with antique dealers, a stone’s throw from the high-end brand showrooms of the famous fashion Quadrilatero. While Corso Buenos Aires is instead a never-ending commercial avenue where, one after the other, you will find all the major international brands.

Porta Venezia is GREEN AND QUIET

Urban and peaceful, Porta Venezia’s Giardini is the oldest park in town, shrouded in relax and settled by stylish architecture, such as the Planetarium’s dome or the Natural History Museum. Beyond Corso Venezia you may end up walking in the so-called Quadrilateral of Silence, in the shade of its distinctive buildings and unexpected details. Villa Reale has its luxuriant gardens and a hidden temple as well: but remember you can only visit these if a child is with you.