the City Mayor Sala shares his top 3 places in Milan

Who else could we trust to get inspired for a city tour, if not the first citizen of Milan? 

Below you may find a short itinerary created by the Mayor of Milano, Beppe Sala, to experience the city's vibrancy and heritage. His advice leads us to a wonderful gem hiding in plain sight, the Church of San Satiro, to the newly restored Sala delle Asse created by Leonardo da Vinci, located at Castello Sforzesco, and to the stunning view of Torre Branca, a vantage point to see Milan and its beautiful surroundings.

More information on the sites is collected at the links below.



Santa Maria presso San Satiro

The Renaissance Bramante Masterpiece of perspective, located in the City Center, is the first stop of the Mayor's itinerary. 

Sala delle Asse

To celebrate 500 years from Leonardo Da Vinci's death, the city of Milan reopened his Sala delle Asse in the amazing setting of the Castello Sforzesco. 

Torre Branca

Last but not least, our major brings us right to the top of the City! Tower Branca allows for one of the best views of Milan's Skyline. 

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