Milano's top design locations

Galleries, museums and houses where to find the best of design in Milano

It would be complicated to suggest a real design itinerary in Milano, because the city is full of design spots, but in a completely different way than in the rest of the world. The idea of design expressed by cool bars and stores - like in London, Holland or LA - is indeed different from what you will find in Milano. Here, design is more associated with history than with contemporary interiors: it includes a vitality of design culture linked to the happiest period of manufacturing industry, belonging to the post-war period, when companies were truly innovative and artistry and craftsmanship cooperated with the “fastest technology of all times” to create high-quality goods available for all consumers, not just unique pieces to be kept in a gallery.


From Triennale to Villa Necchi

Thus, that story of extraordinary inventions can be observed at the Triennale Design Museum, but also in via Durini and Brera streets classy shops, or in galleries like Nilufar, Dimore Gallery or Antonia Jannone, or even in monumental villas (Villa Necchi above all), sometimes even in private homes.

The Foundations

Great architects and designers - such as Castiglioni, Albini, Magistretti, Portaluppi - gave their names to several Foundations around the city, but there are also spaces like Torre Velasca or Pirellone entrance halls, Massimo De Carlo Gallery in Viale Lombardia, Villa Corbellini-Wassermann by Portaluppi himself, and the innumerable entrances of palaces built between the 30s and 60s of the twentieth century.


The research sites

Certainly, in the city of Design Week, a contemporary dimension of research exists: the main references are Rossana Orlandi in a backstreet of via San Vittore, Luisa Delle Piane in the Sarpi area, Subalterno1 in the Lambrate district, Salvatore Lanteri in NoLo, Camp Design Gallery placed in the Navigli area, and then creative spaces such as MakersHub at Bovisa or WeMake in Gorla. In addition, check these fundamental schools: Bovisa Polytechnic, the IED, the Naba and the Domus Academy.