Irrational, romantic, impossible, overwhelming, love is the key to human relationships. Some writers have compared it to the best books in literature: it is almost impossible to forget where the first page of a timeless classic was read. Indeed, it is not entirely wrong to combine love with places: in Milano, in particular, it can be done quite well. Among openly romantic squares and more hidden love niches, the city welcomes tourists and locals, providing lovers with moments of passionate sentimentality. For Valentine's Day as for many other occasions , here is the ultimate guide to romantic Milano. Choose where to take your sweetheart out and celebrate with a passionate kiss.

Ponte Alda Merini - Alda Merini Bridge

Since November 1, 2019, the Municipal Administration decided to name one of the most romantic bridges in Milano after the renowned Milanese writer Alda Merini. The busiest bridge in the Navigli area, it offers a precious glimpse on the fascinating "Milano on the water", where lovers sometimes exchange kisses and hugs during pink sky sunsets.

Often, when the sun begins to set over the roofs of the city, the warm sunlight reflects on the Naviglio Grande providing an unforgettable view and illuminating the entire waterway. Kissing here at sunset means pledging true love forever.

Ponte delle Sirenette - Bridge of the Little Mermaids

Even the Milanese don't know much about it , but this is a real treat in the heart of the city's green lung, Parco Sempione. Walk along the boulevards, lose yourself at the foot of trees, feel the atmosphere of history embracing this green part of Milano: you will end up finding the Ponte delle Sirenette (Bridge of the Little Mermaids). Built in an elegant wrought-iron design, it is part of an ancient pedestrian walkway built on the San Damiano Canal and designed by the engineer Francesco Tettamanzi. The bridge is historically one of the meeting places for couples in the city, as the cast iron mermaids are good omen for lovers.

Piazza Mentana

This square behind via Torino, hidden in the elegant area renamed Cinque Vie, is the pit stop for many students who hang out among the best schools in Milano, located between via Circo and via Santa Valeria. For this reason, Piazza Mentana could easily earn the title of Piazza del Bacio (Kissing Square). Not only that, it is very fittingly one of the hidden hearts of the living town, where couples can show affection far from prying eyes. It must be said that many of the small squares of the Cinque Vie quarter are romantic and welcoming, so feel free to hold hands in a walk of love.

Parco del Portello

At Portello Park, lovers walk along a spiral of sorts that takes them on top of a hill. From above, the couples look down observing the city at their love’s feet. So even north-west Milano has its romantic corner, right behind a dynamic, ever-growing area.

Giardini della Guastalla - Guastalla Gardens

Behind the University of Milan, the Guastalla Gardens are full of cozy corners and benches among flowers. A historic fountain is also there, ready to welcome lovers looking for a quiet corner within the city. The Guastalla, as the Milanese call it, is a quiet place indeed , where you can go for a walk or lie down among the trees and flowers.

Orto Botanico di Brera - Brera Botanical Garden

A 5.000 square metre garden, almost completely covered with flowers and trees, can be a good place to fall in love. This green library is a pleasant walk in the heart of Milano’s flower streets, behind the busy Pinacoteca and Accademia di Brera. The Brera Botanical Garden is one of the most elegant places in the city and can be visited free of charge.