5 locations + 1 to meet nice people in Milano

Practical advice to meet your soulmate in the city

Technology, if used in the right way, helps even where human relationships are (still) weak. Nowadays, getting to know each other, talking to each other, cultivating online relationships is common use for all generations.

Dating apps often offer the possibility to find people according to compatibility and similar interests. Milano, a large and dynamic city, is an ideal place to get to know each other. But what are the most popular areas to activate dating apps or, even better, to come across a new love?


North of Loreto, the area north of Piazzale Loreto, is a suburban area of the city that has undergone a great deal of redevelopment in recent years. Between Via Venini and Via Varanini, but also in the area between Via Padova and Via Stazio, the bars of NoLo are always full of young people from aperitif time onwards. Activate your app in Piazza Morbegno and sharpen the view around the bars. Is there anyone interesting to meet up with?

Piazza San Simpliciano

Between Lanza and Moscova, in the very elegant district of Brera, it is recommended to get lost in a walk with dreamy eyes. Here you can meet people with the most varied passions: food, fashion and culture. Activate your app among bars and bookshops in the area, it will be interesting to meet different people and many tourists. The square is a hidden gem in the heart of Milano and, boasting an atmosphere suspended in time, is a good place for a romantic meeting. 

Terrazza Triennale

What better place to look for love than on top of one of the most beautiful locations in the city? On the Triennale Terrace the view is fantastic: from the Madonnina to the Isozaki skyscraper, passing through the Alps to the Velasca Tower. The Branca Tower, seen from afar, is also impressive, illuminated in colour, with the RAI antenna in the background and the trees of Parco Sempione, a green patchwork of nature.

So the Osteria con Vista, bar and restaurant is the ideal place to open the app for meetings and chat with artists, architects and curious visitors to the Design Museum (and all the other exhibitions). The Triennale is always a certainty in Milano, even for what concerns romance.

University study rooms

How much time do students spend at university! They often find themselves chatting in the universities’ courtyards or in front of automatic vending machines. These activities create a network of knowledge and meetings that could turn out to be interesting. The study rooms, between one exam and another, are places of unexpected appointments: common knowledge, similar interests, the same time to spend in the Faculty. 


Very well known is the Unimi Crociera Library, which boasts 17 thousand volumes for consultation. With 228 seats for studying and 26 in the small rooms, it overlooks one of the main kiosks of Università Statale di Milano. Activate your meeting app and look for your soul mate among the books.


Its slogan says: "love to the extreme" and, therefore, what better place to start loving? Basically Superlove loves music, and it tries to pass this passion onto those less involved in it. But as in any club, it is easy to lose your head for someone who dances softly among the club's iconic lasers. The place has recently opened, with a new management that is ready to make all lonely hearts lose their heads.


In Milano, as in all big cities, there is an urban legend that you can also meet at supermarkets, especially at certain top times. In the S. Agostino area, it seems that singles love to meet in the markets of the area. Shopping in the city is also a moment of socializing among its visitors.