Marco Mazzei is one of the best known bikers (and bike activists) in Milan. Creator of AbbracciaMi, a bike route around Milan through its most beautiful parks, today Marco suggests us a route that you can do by bike or on foot. It starts and ends up in Piazza Cinque Giornate and crosses several beautiful (if unusual) places in the city.



1. Departure: Piazza Cinque Giornate

This was once the site were Porta Vittoria was located, today it hosts a monument to the Cinque Giornate di Milano right in its center. An incomplete, yet fascinating square, for Marco it is always the landmark to enter Milan. Our tour starts here!

2. Camera del Lavoro

The building of the Camera del Lavoro (Chamber of Work), dating back to the '30s, made up of bricks and green granite, it is one of the most important places in the city as far as the rights of workers and trade union services are concerned, it is also a reference for those passing by Corso di Porta Vittoria. This iconic place has been recently cleaned up and the red colour of the bricks is brighter than ever.

3. Palazzo di Giustizia

The Palazzo di Giustizia, with its gigantic, towering, very white structure, is immediately recognizable and it is impossibile not to see it as you cycle to your next stop. The Courthouse has always been one of Mazzei’s favourite buildings, also because of the little church right in front of it.

4. San Bernardino alle Ossa

This little, quiet, hidden and surprising Church, is one of the most impressive and picturesque places of the city due to the Ossuary inside.

5. Piazza Cesare Beccaria

We are almost arrived at the Duomo, but if we want to, we can take a little break on one of the benches by the statue representing Cesare Beccaria. Between here and Piazza Fontana is concentrated the center of Milan’s millenary history.

6. Chiesa di San Satiro

Walking along Via Santa Tecla (away from the crazy crowd!), we get to the church of San Satiro, a little gem holding an important fresco with perspective by Bramante.

7. Piazza San Sepolcro

Crossing Via Torino (a little dive into the crowd), we get to Piazza San Sepolcro, where the church of the same name is located, with its crypt.

As we delve into the backstreets, we get to the "Cinque Vie", intersection of 5 narrow alleys, which nearly form a star. We are in the historical heart of the city, and not far from here we can see Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarter of the Milanese Stock Exchange.

8. Via Porlezza - Parrocchia Ortodossa

Via Porlezza è is a narrow, quiet and not too busy backstreet, running on the side of one of the Orthodox parish churches of the city (which seems big, but is very little instead, since Marco saw it via satellite he doesn’t miss an occasion to "measure it" every time he passes by it) and we get closer to the Parco Sempione


We then walk on along Vicolo San Giovanni sul Muro, full of nice little corners, and then along Via Puccini and Via Ricasoli, destination Sforza Castle!

This route allows you to reach the Castle through quiet streets, walking along the marvellous ATM headquarter, the Milanese institution dedicated to public transport, which Marco particularly loves.


9. Castello Sforzesco

We then arrive to the Castle. An extraordinary entrance to the Parco Sempione, it is surrounded by a cycling route and it is normally full of tourists, people strolling along, runners and sports lovers. The Castle has Museums that host exhibitions and several events, such as concerts and summer shows.

We definitely have to pass by the "curve gemelle" (the “twin curves”) – a place you don’t want to miss and very appreciated by Milanese bikers – the curves are identical and specular, forming a sort of circuit, with a game of lines, uphills and downhills wich is unique in the city.

10. Ritorno: Corso Garibaldi e Brera

Our way back starts from Corso Garibaldi and the beautiful Brera district, to go on in the very central Piazza San Babila.

11. Via Mascagni: una tranquillità inaspettata

From Piazza San Babila we enter Via Borgogna and arrive in Via Mascagni: an oasis of tranquillity and peace, which is also a plesaure to walk along.

12. Arrivo: Via della Passione e Conservatorio

A detour to pass by the Faculty of Political Sciences, where Marco studied, passing also in front of the Conservatorio. With Viale Bianca Maria, this is the final part of our itinerary.