Every autumn, a popular American tradition, that has now spread to Italy, is to stroll amongst the Pick-Your-Own pumpkin patches where visitors can enjoy choosing their own autumnal pumpkin to take home, to turn into delicious recipes or to make spooky Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween.

Reservation is required to access the fields.

"Agricola delle Meraviglie" in Vimercate (MI)

The Meraviglie pumpkin patch invites visitors to enjoy the popular American tradition of pumpkin picking. Stroll through the crop and choose a squash to carve into a lantern or decorate with flowers, and take home. An Autumnal celebration of nature: visit the fields, collect a pumpkin, join in the carving workshops - for both adults and children - and learn how to make beautiful centrepieces or showstopping Halloween decorations. Choose where to go to pick your own pumpkin.



"Shirin Garden" at Ornago (MB)

There is also a Pick-Your-Own produce garden in Brianza, in Ornago to be precise, at the family-run Shirin project near the Rossino farmstead.

The 7000 m2 of terrain is colourfully cultivated with tulips in spring, with sunny sunflowers in summer and then with plump pumpkins in autumn.

Check out the different varieties of pumpkin in the fields and have fun taking photos, joining in the dedicated workshops and then carrying your own pumpkin home to experiment with our tasty recipes or some special Halloween decorations. Admission fee.

Il Villaggio delle Zucche - The Pumpkin Village – "Puravida Farm" at San Martino Siccomario (PV)

This is the perfect place to take the kids if they want to experience a true American-style day!

In the 35,000m2 park you can not only choose your pumpkin, carve it and decorate it, but children can also play with the chickens, rabbits, horses and ponies.

You can then try out pedal and electric ride-on tractors, take a trip on the pedal boats to explore the village from the water, visit the Casetta del mais - Corn House and the Casetta del riso - Rice House, ‘swim’ and do fun somersaults in a truly special sea or jump, play and have fun on the bouncy games, plus, visit the market selling typical local products or the Labirinto di Paglia - Straw Maze. Then, with the arrival of autumn, you’ll find a lovely corner dedicated to chestnuts and mulled wine, a tasty and healthy snack linked to ancient traditions.

This gorgeous pumpkin patch is created by the Puravida Club Restaurant, which also offers Halloween-themed dishes during the month of October.


"Campo dei Fiori" (Field of Flowers) at Galbiate (LC)

There are edible pumpkins of all the main varieties in the field such as violin, butternut, hokkaido (red kuri) and spaghetti squash, plus, the Italian zucca varieties - Mantovana and Chioggia along with many ornamental pumpkins including the veggie celebs of the Halloween celebrations.

Each visitor can choose their own pumpkin. Lots of them will already be decorated with funny or scary faces so keep an eye out and enjoy a fun Halloween Hunt!

Workshops will be organized for children in the fields to decorate their own pumpkins. Lots of tips and homemade recipes will be available to make the most of the traditional flavours.

"Tulipania" in Terno d’Adda (BG)

The long-awaited event Tulip Pumpkin harvest is back for 2022!

Free admission upon reservation.

You can put your walking boots on and stroll through the enormous 25m2 field, taking care not to stomp on the unripe green pumpkins. Hidden here and there you might be lucky enough to find some pumpkins already detached from the vine, clean and perfectly ripe, ideal for long-lasting lanterns! There will be quite a few already decorated so have fun discovering all the funny or spooky faces and then choose the one that you love the most!

Hunt down your very own perfect Halloween pumpkin!