Milano is photogenic. And eminently likeable on Instagram. Spectacular graffiti art, pastel-colored streets, Liberty-style palazzos, green skyscrapers: just walk around the city and it is easy to find unusual and curious places, or new installations that are eminently instragrammable. You just have to take the time to find your spot and choose the right shot. Meanwhile, we suggest 9 places that perfect for your pictures. Share them on social networks with the hashtag #yesmilano and tag visit_milano.

Palazzo INA is the most instagrammed entryway

Sometimes, the first impression is what matters. For this reason, in Milano you will often come across monumental entrances of buildings designed by some of the main modernist architects the twentieth century. Today they are sought after by fans, who photograph them and post them on social networks with the hashtag #entrywaysofmilan. The most instagrammed? The entrance of Palazzo INA, in Corso Sempione 33, designed by Piero Bottoni, the architect who also designed Monte Stella and QT8, an open space with walls decorated with pink and blue mosaic tiles. Definitely Instagram-friendly.

Via Lincoln, the colorful street that is a hit on social networks

Low houses, pastel colors, balconies and flower gardens. You may have alredy seen this colorful street in Milano on Instagram and TikTok. We are talking about Via Lincoln, the narrow private street between Via Archimede, Viale Premuda and Via Sottocorno, sought after by urban explorers who, in addition to monuments, want to uncover Milano’s secret and unusual spots. A few steps away, you can have a street aperitivo at Mercato del Suffragio, one of the several covered markets where hot food and cold drinks are served at tables.

Street art: find the name of the neighborhoods

Do you prefer the feminine touch of cultured Porta Romana, or the industrial style of Bovisa? After having explored them, you will have noticed that many historical neighborhoods of Milano are marked by a large mural at its entrance, portraying the name and soul of that area. Choose the one you identify with the most and snap your pic.

The topsy-turvy mushrooms of the Prada Foundation

The Upside Down Mushroom Room, the dreamlike installation by Carsten Höller that enriches Atlas, the permanent collection of the Fondazione Prada, attracts the curiosity of many visitors. Instagram feeds are full of pics of the famous upside-down mushrooms: you can't miss them, but you can also be more original than that.

The architecture of the museum, born from the project of the OMA studio that redeveloped the industrial complex of an old distillery, offers all kinds of angles and perspectives to take breathtaking photos. Just think of the facade of the Haunted House, entirely covered by golden leaf, which houses a permanent installation conceived by Robert Gober with two works by Louise Bourgeois. And then there is the Bar Luce, designed by US film director Wes Anderson: 1950s pastel tones, jukebox, pinball machine and a sophisticated vintage touch, for an espresso or a Campari like in the movies.

A change of perspective? Go to adjacent Piazza Olivetti and photograph the Fondazione Prada reflected on the mirror wall of Nexxt, the Fastweb headquarters designed by ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Casa Rossi 

One of the most instagrammed places by the Milanese is at 10-minut walk from the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Last Supper. At number 12 of Corso Magenta, there is Casa Rossi, named after the famous Milanese architect, an unusual photographic spot. Position yourself in the center of the internal courtyard and look up: the architecture frames a portion of blue sky in a perfect octagon.


An green park with open-air art. In the shadow of CityLife skyscrapers, ArtLine is enriched year after year by new installations: from "Hand and Foot for Milan" by Judith Hopf to "Coloris" by Pascale Marthine Tayou, there are many sculptures to watch and freeze in a photo. Among the latest ones inaugurated during Art Week, there is "Red Pavilion" by Alfredo Jaar, which shows an alternative view of the towers by Libeskind, Hadid and Isozai, filtered through a large red glass window.

The Duomo and Piazza Mercanti

A mass tourist destination? Yes. Superstar on social media? Also. If you stop by Milano, you cannot fail to take a photo of its monumental symbol, the Gothic Duomo Cathedral. The façade, the spires, the roof terraces are all enchanting and mesmerizing. However, if you are looking for a more original shot, move towards Piazza Mercanti: on the left, there Palazzo Giureconsulti, just renovated and the new home of YesMilano; in front, there is the Duomo. It is a perfect glimpse of the forest of marble. Alternatively, go to the top floor of Museo del Novecento: from the glass windows you will have a view of the Cathedral framed by a neon light installation by Lucio Fontana.

The Navigli and Vicolo dei Lavandai

Along Alzaia Naviglio Grande, the canal linking Milano to the Ticino river, at number 14 (M2 Porta Genova), you will find Vicolo dei Lavandai (Lane of Launderers), which offers a precious glimpse of old Milano. You can see the running stream, the old wash house, a little bridge, and discover a curiosity: here in the past it was not women who washed the clothes, but men, members of a trade guild active in Milano since the 18th century.

The Library of Trees

A contemporary botanical garden born among the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, with paths that intertwine by drawing geometries, circular forests, irregular gardens and flowery meadows. The Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (BAM) is one of the new parks of Milano, an increasingly green and sustainable city. People come to the Library of Trees to read and relax, have a picnic, and do physical workout in the open air by taking advantage of the many coursed and initiatives organized by BAM. While you're there, why not take a picture? In the background, the Vertical Forest and Unicredit Tower, the Diamante and the Cucinella’s Vertical Nest that will be inaugurated in 2023.