Top 3 museums to (re)discover in Milano

Yes, because just one visit is not enough!

PLEASE NOTICE: museums are closed until further notice.


Some museums deserve more than a visit, because seeing them once is not enough. Milano is a real mosaic of exhibition venues: in order to help you find your way in this endless cultural sea, we at YesMilano have drawn up a top 3 of "truly Milanese" museums to (re)discover. Whether you are citizens or tourists on your first (but also second) visit to Milano, we are sure that these places will surprise you at each visit.


Hangar Bicocca

A former industrial plant of about 15,000 square meters, which belonged first to the Breda factory and then to the Ansaldo Group, was converted in 2004 by the company Pirelli Re into one of the largest dynamic exhibition spaces in Europe:  Hangar Bicocca. This is a spectacular and experimental place of production, promotion and exhibition of contemporary art, where visitors are offered free admission.

The grandiose permanent installation that inaugurated the exhibition centre - The Seven Heavenly Palaces in reinforced concrete by the German artist Anselm Kiefer - has been alternating for over fifteen years with monographic and temporary group exhibitions of the greatest artists on the current national and the international scene.

Museo Teatrale alla Scala

Originated by the purchase of the prestigious collection of theatre memorabilia by the antiquarian Jules Sambon, the Museo Teatrale alla Scala has preserved traces of the passage of immortal artists, great composers and conductors over the years. For all of them La Scala has been a home. Among the treasures that the museum is holding are the original musical scores of the greatest Italian operas.

The museum organizes tours of the theatre and a glimpse of the theatre from one of the balconies is always included in the visit (provided that no event, rehearsal or show is taking place- see the schedule published on the Museum website).

Museo del Duomo di Milano

The Museo del Duomo was created with the idea of enhancing and not dispersing all the material used or discarded for the design and construction of the Cathedral. There are countless objects that arouse interest: in the ground floor rooms of Palazzo Reale you will have the opportunity to admire the original sculptures up close, being able to fully observe the colors of the marble and the details of unique works of art, identical to those placed on the external facade of the church at dizzying heights.