Top 4 museums for children in Milano

In perfect balance between didactics and fun, here are the fantastic 4!

Learning and having fun together in Milano is possible: these four museums, selected for you by YesMilano editorial staff, are proof of this: they all have an educational offer explicitly dedicated to children. Whether your kids are on a school trip or you're taking them for a weekend walk, these cultural places will know how to take care of them, teaching a lot of new things through an exciting, effective, but at the same time low key pedagogical approach. We would also like to remind you that children up to the age of eleven don't pay admission to many museums of the city and that on the first Sunday of the month, admission to the museum is also free for parents. So here is our list of the most suitable museums for children!


A big  museum  entirely dedicated to children, with many workshops and educational activities all thought to play and fun, full of colorful installations created to stimulate their imagination and creativity. This extraordinary museum is located inside a deconsecrated church in the splendid setting of the Rotonda della Besana, an ancient and beautiful place where your children will have additional space to play in serenity and carefree. 

Natural History Civic Museum

Just think that the Natural History Civic Museum is the oldest in the Municipality of Milano and is located in a nineteenth century palace inside the beautiful Indro Montanelli Gardens, a few steps from Porta Venezia station. We recommend this museum to children aged between 3 and 5 years old, to whom on Sunday morning is dedicated the amusing Paleolab, an educational workshop during which topics of paleontology and mineralogy are dealt with. In short, let the "dinosaur hunt" begin!

Natural Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

Okay, there is really something for everyone here! Every weekend and on public holidays you can choose from more than four interactive routes activated every hour and of course dedicated to children and their families. The Museum also organises theatrical animations to let the little ones experience the exciting and entertaining story of great scientists and their amazing discoveries and inventions. 


Civic Aquarium

At the Civic Aquarium the little ones will have the opportunity to take a "dive" into marine biology. The tanks have a circular structure and the fantastic transparent gallery forces you to stand with your nose up. After the visit you can also go to the upper floor where there is a bright and spacious winter garden, perfect for snacking and playing chase. This would be enough to entertain your children, but the Aquarium also has a wide range of educational activities suitable for all ages! Last but not least, a stone's throw from the museum is the beautiful Parco Sempione, where kids can run in the open air during the summer!