For cyclists wishing to explore the artistic and cultural splendours of Milan, we propose an itinerary to discover the beautiful vestiges of Art Nouveau style, aka Milanese Liberty.

More than any other city in Italy at the end of the 19th century, Milan witnessed the growth of a new and wealthy bourgeoisie which nurtured architecture as an important mode of social affirmation. The rampant industrial bourgeoisie wanted to break with tradition and commissioned a more modern input. Milan was a fertile ground for the floral style or animal motifs while, at a structural level, the use of new materials such as wrought iron, glass and decorative cement was much in demand.

There are three urban areas of Milan in which the architectural richness and gaiety of the Belle Époque was best expressed: the Porta Venezia, Porta Vittoria and Porta Magenta districts.

Porta Venezia district

Porta Vittoria district

Porta Magenta district