An autumn treat, the glory of the turning leaves on the trees in this season. A spectacle that begins with the autumn equinox and culminates with the ‘estate di San Martino’ (Indian summer), on November 11th.


Milano offers some quite unexpected spectacular colours and views. Walking in a park or in a forest helps to switch off busy minds so, why not take a leisurely stroll and admire the surrounding nature in all its beauty.


Here are some suggestions for places where you can admire the leaves tinged with red, yellow and orange and capture this marvel with some great shots.

Enjoy your walk!

Parco Sempione

From Piazza del Cannone to Arco della Pace, there are many tree species to admire that create a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours.

If, in addition to being wowed by this miracle of nature, you want to learn about the park's abundant tree species, you can download the map of the two botanical routes around the Castello and within the park.

Giardino della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte

A peaceful fairy-tale corner in the centre of Milano.

This enchanting English garden was designed by Pollack, a pupil of Piermarini, who created a romantic botanical route rich in vegetation, with paths that skim a duck pond, crisscross bridges and border small caves.

Giardini Indro Montanelli

These are located at the intersection of via Palestro and Corso Venezia and are English gardens where you can discover small botanical, and non-botanical, gems.

You might well be pleasantly surprised by centuries-old trees, groves that juxtapose with clearings,  streams and small lakes populated by different species of ducks and mallards.

Parco delle Basiliche

This Park can be found in a wonderful location between the basilicas of San Lorenzo and Sant’Eustorgio where you can take an ‘archaeological walk’ between the apses of the two impressive churches. Maples, elms and plane trees are the stars of this park as they shed their foliage in the historic centre of Milan.

Giardino Perego

A few steps from the centre of Milano, this green oasis framed by imposing 1900s-style buildings can be found near Via Turati and Via Manzoni. A methodical English-style layout prevails in the lovely historic garden with its entrance in via dei Giardini. It stands for what remains of one of the most beautiful Milanese gardens, that of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Perego di Cremnago, overlooking via Borgonuovo.

Cimitero Monumentale - Monumental Cemetery

A large open-air museum designed by architect Carlo Maciachini as a peaceful and healing space in which to stroll and contemplate beauty.

In autumn, the avenues are gently tinged with a thousand shades of colour to be observed and admired.

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