Brera is the art district of Milano. You will find cobbled alleys, unique boutiques, historic restaurants, and the same-name Pinacoteca which houses immortal paintings. Here you can experience nightlife on a human scale in its many cafes and restaurants. Intriguing alleys and mesmerizing squares offer perfect opportunities for suggestive photos.

5 things to do

1. Feast your eyes on the art of Mantegna, Hayez and Raffaello at Pinacoteca di Brera. Napoleon dressed as Mars awaits you (M2 Lanza).


2. Stop for a coffee in Piazza del Carmine, one of the most popular Milanese squares on Instagram, then have risotto alla milanese for lunch in one of the many fine eateries around Via San Marco (M2 Moscova).


3. Discover art shops and design stores that make Brera one of the arbiters of Milanese taste. 


4. Lose yourself in the alleys traveled by the protagonists of Italian contemporary art; start from Via della Madonnina, then walk down Via Fiori Chiari and continue on Via Solferino.


5. Take a walk in Parco Sempione, climb on Torre Branca and visit the Triennale Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, with the adjacent fountain designed by metaphysical artist De Chirico.