With the arrival of spring, Milano literally blossoms into flower, and nature makes a stunning appearance with the pink magnolias in Piazza Tommaseo. There are, of course, many other colourful corners in the city.


Seek out here the most beautiful blooms in Milano.

The pink magnolias of Piazza Tommaseo

One of the most enchanting places to be literally surrounded by flowers is the enchanting Piazza Tommaseo in the Renata Tebaldi Gardens, set against the backdrop of eclectic Art Nouveau edifices.


Here, numerous magnolia trees of a particular hybrid species bloom earlier than other plants.

When the thousands of buds burst into the sumptuous pink and white blossoms on the branches, it means that spring has truly arrived. 


How to get there: Red metro line M1 Conciliazione stop; tram 10; bus 68

The two magnolias in Piazza Duomo

Whatever you do don’t miss the two magnificent magnolias to the rear of the Duomo which have become real ‘stars’ on the social networks with thousands of users dedicating evocative shots to this beautiful setting; they blossom directly below the delicate marble filigree patterns surrounding the large windows of the cathedral’s apse.


How to get there: red M1 and yellow M3 metro lines, Duomo stop

The blossoming plum trees in front of the Church of Sant'Eufemia

Still in the city centre, as soon as the sap rises the piazza in front of the church of Sant’Eufemia explodes with natural colours and the mild spring climate reawakens the flowering of the plum trees.

The colourful branches frame the church, which hides a surprisingly ornate interior that is well worth a visit.


How to get there: tram 15 stop Corso Italia / Via Santa Sofia

The star magnolias in the Santa Maria delle Grazie cloister

Santa Maria delle Grazie is famous for Leonardo's Last Supper but it also flaunts a riot of starry magnolia flowers which create a natural mini paradise in the Chiostro delle Rane (Frog Cloister) located to the rear of the Basilica.

It could easily go unnoticed, but it is well worth pausing to admire the delicate white blossoms against the backdrop of Bramante’s imposing tribune.


How to get there: red line M1 subway stop Conciliazione or Cadorna; green line M2 Cadorna stop; tram 16

The flowers of a thousand colours in the Park of the Basilicas

In springtime, the Papa Giovanni Paolo II Park (formerly Parco delle Basiliche) also blooms delightfully with an array of flowers in a thousand colours. The 4-hectare park extends parallel to Corso di Porta Ticinese, connecting the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore to that of Sant'Eustorgio.


Pause here to admire the blackthorn trees and the many vibrant wild flowers to enjoy a break in nature within the city centre.


Fascinating to know that, in the past, this was considered one of the ‘cursed’ places in Milano... interested? Find out more here.


How to get there: tram 3, bus 94

Porta Nuova - BAM Library of Trees

It’s impossible to miss the spectacle of the colourful carpet of flowers in the Porta Nuova area: the BAM Biblioteca degli Alberi (Library of Trees) is the city's third largest park. A maze of paths creates a chequerboard of green spaces, asymmetrical lawns, circular forests, meadows, small squares and equipped play areas: it is a one-of-a-kind park, designed to enhance biodiversity and to raise awareness of the beauty of nature.


Particularly in springtime, the spectacular display of colours in the various areas of the park compete with the flowering trees of the Vertical Forest, which overlooks the BAM with its revolutionary urban forest.


How to get there: M2 green metro line, Garibaldi F.S. and Gioia stops, lilac line M5 Isola stop

Camellia grove in Parco Sempione

And what more can we say about the camellia grove in Parco Sempione? Visible from the entrance to viale Gadio, it’s a stunning sight that contrasts with the remains of the Castello Sforzesco’s ancient walls.


The camellias could become the starting point for an itinerary within the park where dogwoods, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas and ancient roses also flourish: wander along the paths in search of all the spring hues set against the backdrop of the Castello and the Arco della Pace, discovering all the secret corners.


How to get there: red line M1 metro Cadorna or Cairoli stop, green line M2 Cadorna or Lanza stop

Via Lincoln: Milano’s most colourful street

The via Lincoln area, with its colourful dwellings, is wonderful all year round but walking through its streets in springtime is even more beautiful thanks to all the flowers and plants with which the residents decorate their facades, balconies and gardens.


A former workers' village, this area - nicknamed the ‘Milanese Burano’ - flaunts lilac, yellow, pink, blue and mint green-coloured houses and, in springtime, the flowers enhance the already-stunning colour palette to provide the perfect backdrop for your pictures.


If you want to check out more colourful places in the city besides Via Lincoln, here’s the perfect itinerary for you.


How to get there: bus 61, trams 9 and 19