Milano blooms with the arrival of spring: discover places to admire and activities to enjoy in the open air.

See below our suggestions for living & loving the longer days.

Seeking out the most beautiful corners of the city in bloom

The pretty pink of magnolias, the fabulous fuchsia of plum trees, the radiance of red camellias ... springtime brightens up the city with myriad colours. From piazza Tommaseo to via Lincoln, marvel at every single shade of bloom in Milano with our special guide.

Discover the parks for a verdant outdoor break

Sprawling on the grass in the spring sunshine is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. We have chosen seven parks where you can find your own corner of peace in nature, from Giardini della Guastalla to Parco delle Basiliche.


And if the fresh air is whetting your appetite see our tips for a perfect picnic.

Explore the parks outside the centre

There are parks for relaxing outside of the city centre as well: venture into the other districts to discover green spaces and interesting features.


Did you know, for example, that at Parco del Portello you can sit on the longest bench in the world?

A stroll around outdoor masterpieces

No queues, no tickets and with just the sun and sky as lights and walls. Spring is the perfect season for experiencing the city as a large open-air museum. We created this itinerary for you to find and admire 10 not-to-be-missed outdoor masterpieces in the streets and piazzas of Milano. 


Which will be your favourite one?

Hidden gardens: discover the city’s botanical gardens

Not many know that Milano actually boasts two Botanical Gardens.

The first is tucked away inside the Palazzo di Brera, to the rear of the Pinacoteca: the Brera Botanical Garden is a historic location and a beautiful alfresco museum. Admission is free so it provides a great opportunity for a lunch break in an enchanted place, among flower beds, exotic species and ancient trees. Spring is one of the best seasons to visit, with its display of hundreds of flowering plants and trees.


The second is the Città Studi Botanical Garden, created on the reclaimed land of the fifteenth-century Cascina Rosa. Built in 2001 as an academic botanical garden to conserve and enhance plant species, it is provided with numerous paths and lawns with environments typical of Lombardy along with exotic plant species, greenhouses, a small stream and a pond.

The city from another perspective: Milano from above

Bell towers, turrets, skyscrapers, terracotta slate roofs, flowered terraces and glass and steel lofts: Milano offers a whole new scenario to be discovered by observing it from an unusual perspective.


Follow us on our itinerary to discover the best places from which to observe the city from above and reach out to touch the sky (or the Alps!).

Street art decorates the city

Not only the colours of nature bloom in spring: the walls of the city are also vibrant with new shades and designs. Join us to discover the murals in the Ortica district, a real open-air street art museum.


And as you wander around the city, keep an eye out for all the beautiful murals depicting the names of the neighbourhoods: we are working to ensure that each city neighbourhood has its own.

Visit the wildlife oases near Milano

You don't need to go far outside the city to see wild or even exotic animals up close: there are many wildlife oases near Milano where you can spend a day with the family and friends spotting herons, rabbits, finches and also kangaroos, elephants and giraffes!


Click here for all the information you need to enjoy nature outdoors.

Riding a bicycle in and around the city

Cycling is the ideal way to explore the city, to relax and to spend time outdoors.


We have put together many itineraries for you to follow, making the most of the wonderful spring days.

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