Idroscalo di Milano is an artificial 850.000 sqm lake, originally inaugurated on October 28th, 1930, as a seaplane base - but conceived from the beginning as an international watersport competitions facility. 

Since then, it is a favourite outdoor leisure destination for the Milanese, featuring a 6.2 km lakeshore ring and a 1.6 million sqm surrounding park.

In the spring and summer, Idroscalo counts as many as 2 million visitors, while on sunny weekends up to 20.000 people can be counted.

Idroscalo is the only Olympic facility for canoeing and boating in Milano. 2.000 athletes practice 22 sport disciplines here - both on the ground and on water - every week.  A facility for practicing cable wakeboard and artificial waves surf has recently been built on the southern shore.

Here are five ideas to spend a day in nature at Idroscalo, following the rules.

Idroscalo Entrance and Rules

The venue is open from 7.30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Free entrance.

You can access the park from two entrances: Ingresso 3 Riviera Est (pinpointed on the map) and Ingresso Maggiore. Body Temperature scanning and pacing down entrances will be enforced to guarantee everyone's safety. 

Wearing a mask is mandatory for every visitor except for kids under 6.

Skateboards, electric scooters and bycicles are allowed in -  they must circulate at low speed (<10 km/h) and be respectful of pedestrians; use existing paths and be parked in stalls only.

Pets are allowed. Access to the dogs areas is allowed provided an over 1 m. distance between persons is kept at all times.

Surf & Wakeboard

Surf and Wakeboard may be practiced individually by booking in advance on the Company website.


Individual Sport and Water Sport practice

Individual Sports tranining and practice is allowed provided that a distance of at least 2m is kept from other people.

Canoe, boating, sailing, kayaking, open water swimming practice in the provided area is allowed only through the authorised Sporting Clubs:

  • ASD Idroscalo Club 
  • CUS Milano (pinpointed on the map)
  • Marinai d’Italia


Idroscalo with your pets

Pets are allowed in the park. There are two large Dog Areas: one is in the shade of the trees at boschetto Sud; another one is on the lakeshore, including plenty of grass and 85 metres of beach reserved for your best friends’ water activities.


A chilled beer

Three Idroscalo bars are open, offering take away service only

  • Bar Chalet (pinpointed on the map)
  • Beach Bar Punta dell’Est
  • Kiosko Ultima Spiaggia