Did you know that Milano is a city built on water? No, we are not confused and we do not believe we are Venice, but not everyone knows that the city, since ancient times, has always been crossed by numerous canals and waterways. Today there is the Navigli area left, and it is one of the most loved areas.


But that's not all: did you know that you can even surf in Milano? At the Idroscalo, what the Milanese affectionately call the "sea of Milano", you can find the largest wave pool of its kind in the world.


Here are our tips for living your summer by the water in Milano.

Surf and fun at the Idroscalo

In Milano you can surf! It seems unbelievable, but from this summer at the Idroscalo you can experience a thrill riding a wave up to 2 meters high and 10 wide, with a water thickness of 70 cm in the largest wave pool in the world.

If you are a surfer you will be able to use the same boards that are used at sea, with the feeling of an authentic wave under your feet. If you want to learn, you can rent a table and book your first lesson with Wakeparadise instructors.


The Idroscalo also offers many other exciting activities such as wakeboarding and rowing, sailing and finswimming, stand up paddle and fishing. If you don't feel like getting wet, you can choose from many other activities: from skating to mountain biking, from free climbing to cross country or simply relaxing on the bathing beach, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and deck chairs by the shore.

Day and night along the canals: the Navigli area

What's better in the summer than spending time strolling, taking a bike ride or sipping an aperitif by the water?
One of the most loved places in the city is the Navigli district: an inevitable stage of the nightlife, where restaurants, pubs, taverns and night clubs guarantee a pleasant evening that begins with an aperitif sipped at sunset.


But here you do not live only at night: the banks are full of artists' studios, craft shops, picturesque corners in which to dive and get lost, perhaps taking a photo at Vicolo dei Lavandai, a privileged place for a romantic walk.


Let's not forget the Darsena, the ancient port of Milano, where you can sit and relax with your feet dangling over the water or take a stroll in the market.

For those who want to take a bike ride, perhaps using a bike from the various bike sharing companies in the city, the banks of the Navigli are an ideal route: short or long bike rides allow you to enjoy the city but also to dive into the countryside just a bit away from the Darsena.

On the Navigli Lombardi website, you can find the cycling routes to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


A CURIOSITY: did you know that in Milano there is a gondola in full operation? A real gondola that arrives from Venice, which a Milanese, in love with this boat, has recovered and brought to the Naviglio, where he accompanies with his strokes anyone who wants to experience the thrill of navigating the canals of Milano in such an unusual way.

It is also possible to participate in "traditional" boat tours of the Navigli, perhaps even accompanied by dinner. Find all the information on the Navigli Lombardi website.

The most Instagrammed fountain in Milano

Speaking of water... do you know which is the most Instagrammed fountain in Milano?

It is very beautiful, it is very large, you can sit on the edge to rest. You can't dive in there though.

But this does not stop the hundreds of people who sit here every day, for a moment of pause near the water, in their tours to discover how beautiful and fun Milano is in summer.

It is the fountain in front of the Castello Sforzesco, also called "the cake of the spouses" for its shape, which recalls the plans of a very white cake created to celebrate a wedding. A photo with the Torre del Filarete in the background, the main entrance of the Castle, is one of the most loved shots by those in the city.

A dip in the pool

Okay, it's hot ... How about a dip in the pool? Milano has many pools. Here then is the Lido (Piazzale Lotto, 15) and the Argelati pool (Via Segantini, 6), the outdoor swimming pools of Sant’Abbondio (Via S. Abbondio, 12), Cardellino (Via del Cardellino, 3) and Saini (Via Corelli, 136), without forgetting the terrace in the center of the city of the Piscina Cozzi (Viale Tunisia, 35).


If you want to combine an aperitif and maybe some music or a show in the bathroom, don't miss the Bagni Misteriosi pool (Via Carlo Botta, 18): 9600 square meters in Porta Romana, next to the Franco Parenti Theater.


If you are in the Idroscalo area, even there you can enjoy sunbathing and a dip in the pools or at the Acquapark.