Autumn is the perfect season to live the city outdoors: here are some tips to enjoy yourself.

Having fun in urban parks

Milano can boast quite an impressive number of parks and garden spaces: 97! So, there is plenty of choice for those who want to spend some time under the leafy shade of the trees or sitting contemplatively on a bench.


We have compiled a complete map of all the parks and gardens in the city, so feel free to choose the one that most inspires you or that is closest to you.


We have recommended some in every area of Milano.


If you’re in Parco Sempione, you will find an itinerary that is not to be missed; it will guide your afternoon walk.

Jump on a bike and discover the city

bicycle is the epitome of freedom: everyone, at any age, loves to pedal around the city and take bike trips out of town.


If you don't have a bike of your own, you can use one of the bike-sharing services, which are simple to operate if you have a credit card and a mobile phone to download the required app. Two options: BikeMi, bicycles can be rented and then returned to the designated parking stations around the city, while the free-floating services with bikes that are scattered around the city and may be booked, picked up and left locked-up anywhere.


We certainly had you all in mind when we designed the following cycling itinerarieschoose the one you like best, hop on and... have fun!


In the city:

Themed cycling itineraries:


Sport for everyone

Being able to practice sport again after a long time confined indoors is something everyone is going to like: so why not set off at once?


These are the routes for a city-run, as suggested by the Generali Milano Marathon experts.


If, instead of running, you prefer something more adventurous such as skateboarding or climbing, we’ve compiled a list of places in the city where you can take part in these activities, whereas here you can find some ‘open-air gyms’ so you don’t miss out on your workouts.


Did you just put your walking shoes on? Here are two urban trekking itineraries you should not miss.

Rent a canoe and paddle along the Naviglio

Yes, paddling in a canoe or kayak in Milano really is an option! At East River, on the Martesana cycle path near the Turro metro station, you can rent a canoe or kayak and, even if you’re a real beginner, you can make the most of a lesson from a professional instructor, which is real fun.


Navigation on the Navigli

A boat trip along the Navigli is a great way to introduce yourself to the secrets of this fascinating neighbourhood, to discover such a unique urban landscape and evocative atmosphere in a city like Milano. Most of all, it will allow you to immerse in at times still-unspoilt nature, close to the city.


The artificial canals, also known as Leonardo's Navigli, are the result of centuries of work by the genius Leonardo who, through the conception of an innovative system of dams, designed a fundamental communication network for the city of Milano.

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