Autumn in Fashion

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Check out all the season’s unmissable events in the city and keep up to speed with all the news: from the artisans’ ateliers to the top of fashion, Giorgio Armani's influence over the last 40 glorious years and a peek into the universe of all the skilled Italian tailors.


From September 24th, 2021 to February 6th, 2022 – Armani / Silos

How to best celebrate the extensive history of the iconic Giorgio Armani? The way we are is an immediate and engaging response to a pressing desire for values, aesthetics, ideas and new worlds. From accessories to the signature gender-fluid understated style, from Milano to all the global metropolises, from cities to exotic places, from heroic and erotic bodies to the pages of Emporio Armani Magazine.


The distinctive emblem of the eagle is omnipresent: never just a simple logo but the sign of an increasingly aggregative universe. 


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Discover the fashion quadrilateral

Take a leisurely stroll around the streets that symbolize the invincible Made in Italy elegance and attract millions of tourists every year, enticed by the names of the most important designers.

Follow the Italian television series ‘Made in Italy’ starring Margherita Buy, Greta Ferro, Marco Bocci and Raoul Bova, on  Prime Video or Mediasetplay to take a step back in time and delve into the lively vibe of Milan in the ‘70s, which saw the birth of Italian prêt-à-porter fashion.


The shopping streets

You will be spoilt for choice in Milano: you can ‘Shop until you Drop’ because whatever you are looking for - be it trendy and fashionable or handcrafted and vintage - Milano has the shop for you!

Check out the best shopping streets here.